Duck racing!

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61. YNWA,

That is excellent. I hadn't played the game for a few days as I am working on other projects so hadn't tested this so called theory. The only thing I forgot to comment on though is the fact in this game if you give a wrong answer and others do you don't know what the correct answer is and that is great.

62. blackbird,

Hello Aminiel, is the order of the answers also randomized for each player individualy? Sometimes it happens that, just for fun, we share the position of the answer rather than it's content among the table, and as far as I am concerned, when all players navigate to the same position in that one particular question, and that position contains the right answer, this works. Maybe it could be handy if the order of the answers was randomized for everyone separately in order to prevent this. Thanks for reading and your time with this game, majoz over and out.

63. YNWA,

I hope I have got this right as I don't want to accuse someone of cheating.

Are you saying that when you get a question right you give the other players who are playing against you the correct answer by typing or if on skype saying the letter A is the correct answer? If that is the case that would be cheating. If this is true then as you say the only way to stop this would be to create the options individually which may prove too complex.

I would suggest for this game that the pot of feathers would be worth X. If only 1 person gets the question correctly they get all the feathers in the pot but if more than 1 person gets the correct answer they get a share of the feathers. So if 12 feathers are in the pot then 1 player would get 12 feathers if correct but if 2 players get a correct answer then they would get 6 feathers each and sso on. I have been thinking about this for over a week now. We don't have levels of difficulty although most of the questions in Quiz Party are around Middle level so i don't get why the amount of feathers a question is worth varies?

64. Lemonade,

That is pretty much what I was saying. I wasn't implying that box 1 was always the correct answer. But, suppose I am playing against 2 other people. If we use YNWA's example, it would be nice if, when we get the question, for me, box 1 might be Liverpool, for another person, box 1 is Barcelona, and for the third person, Box 1 is Ajax.

No one was typing out the correct answers during the questions, at least not in tables I was in. But because there are some people who always choose box 1 if they don't know the answer, and box 1 contains the same answer for everyone, I can know much more accurately whether box 1 has the correct answer or not.

An alternative would be to just distribute the feathers/say who correctly answered the question at the end, so when everybody has answered or abstained, just like in quiz party.

65. Cristina ,

All this sounds so tricky.
I never kept pressing on a certain box.
I simply read the question and the answers, then press on that one I know it is correct or I just guess it may be the correct answer.

66. YNWA,

There is no logic to your suggestion Lemonade. If people want to keep choosing the first answer they come too they can and by logic they will always get a correct answer some time. perhaps 1 in 4. If someone keeps choosing rock out of rock, scissors, stone because it is the first option they see, will everybody then be given different lists in a different order? If people want to cheat they will by just typing the answer or saying it if they are on SKYPE to their friends providing they get it right. Now Aminiel has said it it is random like quiz party then I am satisfied. Dealing with cheats is easy if you can prove it and that it is ban them from playing for a month, and as a helper you can do that.

67. facelessghost,

I think that only an extremely intelligent person or a person who is cunning can know the answer in advance.
and looks at the answer somewhere.
it is excusable for playing with bots.
By the way!
If, for example, I did not give the correct answer, I would like the game to show which answer is correct.
otherwise, we will not develop the mind at all.
it's a quiz.
where we get something new.
and if I do not give the correct answer, the game will not show the correct answer.
this is not like a quiz!
I ask you to take this into account when improving the game.

68. Aminiel,

We don't have levels of difficulty although most of the questions in Quiz Party are around Middle level so i don't get why the amount of feathers a question is worth varies?

The amount of feathers depends on the percentage of correct answers given in the past for that question. It's more or less equivalent to the difficulty of the question, except that the players implicitely adjust the level each time they answer, rather than leaving the question writers and validators decide.

In fact, defining a level is quite a difficult exercise. If I'm an expert on science, most science questions will apear easier to me, and so I will set them to a lower level than they are considered by average people. Same thinking if I'm asking a question about any kind of regional culture, i.e. an author, singer, actor, sport team, monument, dish, etc. is maybe not that well known outside of my country or continent.
We should never forget that all people around the world are coming in the playroom, with an extremely wide level of general knowledge, but at the same time a question writer and validator is necessarily biased in some way; even if he's aware of that.

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69. YNWA,

Thanks for explaininng the working out.

I do have a solution to the answers issue and that is release the answer when everybody has chosen their answer or when time runs out.

There is a solution to any perceived bias and that is for me to retire once the quiz reaches 20,000 and let someone else take over. I will have done more than I originally set out to do so that is no problem.

70. Fawaz,

It is just the fact most of the time the correct answer is the first one for whatever reason lol.
and if the table is somewhat large, the situation is just as Lemon has explained, all will be getting right if first one answered otherwise people will go for random choices.
at least that is the case in the english side.

71. Nightbird,

Hi again.

Not sure if the word nacked" has been replaced already by "naked
However, my question/suggestion is, wouldn't there be a better word that is not naked? Not saying the word sounds too harsh, but supposing it is about ducks not sure if something else could take its place. In Spanish we can say desplumado, translator says it is plucked, but as I've never needed to use that word in my daily life I am not sure it is correct, so would be great if an English native speaker or someone with a good English could tell me if the word is right and if it sounds better. The word means feathersless, so thought it could fit better for this game.

72. Mmarina,


I can indeed confirm there is a bug. But please Ynwa do not take everything personally when it comes to Quiz Party.
When we report bugs it is just to get them fixed not to point out flaws. No one was cheating here, and we have no cheat detectors because it can always happen outside of Playroom, hence it is almost impossible to prove them. so the best punishment for someone who cheats is to stop playing with them. Either ways, we do not have the tools to prevent some certain player from playing a certain game.
However what everyone was pointing out is, from our experience in English, when people do not know the answer they tend to choose the first one, and for some unknown reason it is the correct one in most cases. So when you hear X has answered correctly and you can guess by how fast enough they answered that it is almost certainly number 1. It is not about cheating no one points out to the correct answer but it just happens.
So Lemonade’s suggestion was a good one, a work around to this is randomizing answers to each individual player.
Now I wanted to test if this was happening only in English, so we tested the game in French. We have discovered a few interesting facts:

Dans la Ligue Nationale de Hockey, quel est le numéro de joueur qui a été retiré pour toutes les équipes ?

And it was the same order in both questions, with 99 being the correct answer. So we can clearly conclude that there is some bug with the randomization process.

73. Fawaz,

We played one more game on english part with counting the questions,
we got a total of 14 questions, and eight of them were the answer is the first choice.
other six were somewhat randomized, but eight out of 14 and in the french as well we got more than 50% of the answers were the first choice.
I hope this helps to solve the bug whichever is causing this.

74. YNWA,

We have known from the early days of Quiz Party that the random system used for the PR is not as random as it should be. Dayan sent in one of her questions when giving an example and I got the same question a week before and with over 1000 questions in the Science and technology category (if I am correct) it shouldn't happen so soon. If you have say 6 players in a game and each answer is shuffled randomly answer 1 still could be the correct answer for most if not all players. Agreed it shouldn't be that way but when things are quirky they remain quirky.

On your other point Dayan yes you do pluck a chicken not that I would like to atempt it in real life lol. So I would say your chicken has been plucked. While I am on an error, it is roll the die not throw the die as I am sure you are not going to bounce a die off the wall 30m away.

75. Nightbird,

So @YNWA, could it apply also for the duckies? LOL. Else, nothing else needed than writing "naked" instead of "nacked".

Not so related to this game, but this about randomness and all that reminds me to a game of backgammon, where I did not take place, but two of my friends. The roll "3, 3" was happening quite often, never found out why. Happened like 3 times in a row, then eventually 2 or 3 times, again. So I can agree that there's something wrong with it, as for rolling and as for quiz party questions. In general as for choosing something randomly.

Now as for the roll-throw the die, yes I agree it should be roll, I get why he wrote throw, though. At least in Spanish it is correct to say that someone throws a die, so maybe in French there exxists the same issue, then we translate literally from our language. This includes all dice games though, glad it got pointed at now. It could be also pointed at on the translation errors, but I won't do it since YNWA shall be the one taking the credits.

76. Lemonade,

I think plucked is a good idea and also somewhat hilarious. I'm picturing scrapping ducks trying to peck off each other's feathers. Never mind the rest.

77. Cristina ,

There are other bugs like:
when more players are in a game, it often happends we don't get question when any of us lands on the square 7 or 20. It happened once at least, even when someone played a 'curiosity' card.
Also it happened we did not get into duel even if two of us landed on the same square. It happened this several times. Yesterday, Nastaran and I should have been into duel, both of us landed on square 21 if I remember well, but it just moved on.
There was also one quiz question about what endocrinology studies and the correct answer was 'hormons', altough this is not correct.
Endocrinology studies the endocrine systen of human body which is about glands.
Glands secrete the hormons.
So, the correct answer of that question is glands and not hormons. The validators should change it.
Hope these bugs can be fixed somehow.

78. YNWA,

Yes you can pluck feathers of Chickens, ducks and even Turkeys so that is a hint for Christmas Aminiel, lol.

It is interesting you tried out the French quiz questions Marina as they are likely to have more answers from B, C, D as earlier answers had a star at the start as you would when sending them in bulk now. Just out of interest Fawaz I would say less than 1000 questions do not have the letter A as the answer.

You will never have a perfect random system as it can never reflect real life but I hope something can improve.

79. vinbenji,

dear developer this seems to a great game, were in few cards i am not able to understand the perpus , it would be great if you could explain in detail about this game, but its real fun. forgive my ignurance .

80. Nikola,

Hello. It is possible to press D on a card, and that will give you a detailed description as well as how it is played. However, if it is still unclear, you can always mention the card names you don't understand and we'll try to explain it better.

81. StormProductions,


When is saving mode gonna be implemented>
Thank you.

82. YNWA,

To make my point so people can understand more the Working of Quiz Party as a reality then you should think of Quiz Party as a magazine.

Aminiel is the magazine owner, the validators are the editors and the people who send questions are its journalists.

The magazine owner has chosen 15 subjects which the journalists only send in articles that cover the most popular subjects and send a lot less articles on subjects that don't really interest them. As a result the editors have felt the need to create their own articles where there are gaps in the magazine and to creat more content in less popular subjects to ensure the magazine is more presentable to the public who use that magazine. Even though the editors have widened the range of questions for the benefit of its readers they know that even the content they are able to get hold of has its limitations.

Editors, journalists and readers have recognised that although many of the 15 subjects are very good, to improve the magazine some of the subjects need to change to ensure a wider range of readership.

There is no perfect solution for the English Language part and i am sure even with a 1 million pound budget people would still find problems with Quiz Party as it would not give them what they really want. The best solution is to have quiz party in their own language where possible. With more helpers now in the English section I hope that people who want to create the PR in their language can work with the helpers to find a suitable team that can work on new languages that can be forwarded to Aminiel and his admin staff.

83. Nikola,

It will happen, but when pigs fly. Anyway this is not the topic here, it's about the Duck's race so let's stick to that.
I had a question about the game and I was wondering if this is intentional or it's a bug. Let's imagine a scenario where you land on square 18, thus skip 2 turns. Before your turn comes however, you are out of feathers, and thus frozen. After the freeze period is over, you can play your turn as normal. I was wondering if you should skip 2 turns due to the effect of square 18, or you intentionally made it this way to avoid too many turns being skipped. If it sounds too confusing, I can paste the game history so it is better understood.

84. Fawaz,

I was wondering the same about freezing, however another funny thing happened the other day:
X was on square 18, on 19 there was a mine, so Y played strong flipper on X,
so X left the table and pr, naturely bot joined, also someone else was on 19 before, what happened is that,
duo took place, and the mine exploded but didn't go back 15 squares. stayed on 19, X returned and took bot's place and kept playing normally LOL.

85. Lemonade,

Ran into a situation today where my opponent didn't even get frozen for a single turn after losing all his feathres, even though we were on the same square on the same lap. IMO, that is not ok. Especially because he also got 5 feathers for his trouble. I propose freezing to always last at least one turn, or at least if you're still relatively close to the lead.

86. Qais,

Hi, another weird thing happened was, a friend used impulsion, moved to a square which had glue, but glue's effect didn't start immediately, he was able to roll the die, then the effect started. the log is below:

It's mahmoud7's turn.
mahmoud7 drops a card Glue on square Paddling pool.
mahmoud7 throws the die: 2
mahmoud7 advances 2 squares.
Square #25: Right bank
Draw 1 cards
It's Riad's turn.
Riad uses a card Impulsion on Riad.
Riad advances 2 squares.
Square #23: Paddling pool
Everybody receive 1 cards
A card Glue dropped by mahmoud7 is on this square.
Riad throws the die: 5
Riad advances 5 squares.
Square #28: Wooden zone
Draw 2 cards
Riad gets 2 feathers.
Skip 2 turns

87. mehdi-t,

hello all. this game is a great game! thanks a lot. 1 question. other boards are going to be added to this game, or no. thanks again. and one more thing. can you please fix the bug that when somebody is frozen, the playroom says "he's thrown back to the last place!" again, thanks for creating this great game.

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88. Nikola,

I should just give a small warning and a minor bug report:
If you replace someone when they roll their die but before they move on the board, the game will be stuck and can't progress further. So don't replace or leave the table while it is your turn as soon as you roll the die but rather wait until you move on the board.

89. mehdi-t,

hello all. can you please update the rules of the game? in the quiz section of the help, it is written that if you give the correct answer to a question you can win from 2 up to 6 feathers. but i have seen that it can give up to 8 feathers. please update the quiz section. again, thanks for creating this great game! thanks a lot

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90. Lemonade,

I've even seen 10, actually. Though those are quite rare.

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