Help report the Skype lag to Microsoft

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1. Nikola,

Note: this topic was also submitted to the Audiogames forum, so if you read it there, the content remains the same, just spreading the word as much as possible. Do share with any friends who are using Skype and not reading the forum and who are encountering this annoying bug as well.
Hello all,
it's honestly time to get this lag fixed. After dealing with it for so long, today I reported it to as many places as I possibly could.
Just in case you don't know what I am talking about, Skype 8.54 was this horrible update that introduced the split view mode. Nothing against split view of course, but if you have it disabled, the app certainly has something against you. Any chat you open will most likely cause the app to become unresponsive for up to 15 seconds, during which you can  do nothing.
First, I emailed both VFO and Nv access to see if they can somehow pass the issue to Microsoft as well. To be specific, it was rather tweeting NV Access, and they will try to pass it on, while I am still  waiting for a reply from VFO.
Most important however, I submitted the report to the Microsoft disability user voice forum as well. It's important that if you face this issue, please upvote the idea so it can get as much attention as possible.
It should be  fairly simple, all it should need is your email, as far as I am aware you don't even need a Microsoft account for this, though if you are using Skype you have one anyway.
The link to the post itself is at
Thanks for any help by upvoting the issue, and hopefully somebody will  finally fix this.

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