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1. StormProductions,

Today I was thinking about how hard it is for people to find instrumentals or acapella variants for their festivities, or for a great remix or mashup, and I was thinking what it would be like to have a better algorithm than Spleeter to do that.
With the help of my new tools and resources that I obtained during the searches and investigations, I thought of launching a website that would do just that!

  1. How good do you think this idea would be?
  2. What do you think the price should be? Should it be a price per song, or a monthly subscription?
  3. Should I place a disclaimer on the website stating that I do not intend to infringe the copyright for the songs that will be uploaded here, or is this not mandatory?
  4. What do you think the domain should be? I was thinking of
  5. I hope you like this concept, and I hope we implement it as soon as possible!

2. fire-starter,

I think you already have splice for accapella's and youtube exists too

3. StormProductions,


Yes, it's true, but not all songs have acapella on YouTube or Slice. That's what we thought of doing, to offer an acapella version for songs that still don't have such a thing in public.

4. fire-starter,

would it be legal to do then, with copyright infringement and such

5. StormProductions,


I will post a disclaimer on the site stating that I do not intend to infringe copyright. In addition, the songs that people will upload will not be publicly available on the site, the processed versions will only be available to those who requested them, and they will be deleted after 7 days from the server.

6. fire-starter,

ah that works then, yeah i'd say go for it, although i'm not sure how many people would make use of it

7. cornflakes,

yeah i have a way to do it but i do it manually so it would be usefull to have a sight to do it from cause manually is slowish. also, subscription would be better. cause if it was per song, not many would use it.

8. Alan1003,

ok you should make it free.

9. cornflakes,

why should it be free when it takes computing power and time to have something like that out there.

10. Jatayu,

Like you said, something better than spleter and/or any other free varient available out there. I'd say keep a demo around on this site of your sfor others to listen for free before they can decide whether they'd want to opt for it or not.

11. cornflakes,

or maybe it will only convert like the first 15 seconds of a song to give people a test of doing so. For example, if anyone wants a example of how i remove vocals they can send me a song that is not able to be found in instrumental form and i will do my best and send it back as an instrumental

12. Jatayu,

Well the problem with that would be not every song has vocals for example in the first 15 seconds. So for demo purposes may be utilize a song with the most number of instruments, vocals etc and upload it there for everybody to see.

13. cornflakes,

but that would be upto the user to put in a song that has vocals in the first 15 seconds no? I mean, that way people can see if it will work with that thing. for example, what is the name of that hindi song i used to like godfather? i wanna see if i can instrumental it

14. Jatayu,

The name's man dolay, there are several versions on youtube as that song was enicially released in 1954 or so then people kept making their own versions.

15. Dalison,

I don't use a website, but I use an application called Spleetergui.

16. cornflakes,

that is a good one. makes me mad though cause this hole time i've been doing music seperation manually cause i didnt know about this this does what i've been doing but way better. hmm

17. StormProductions,

So guys, I had a hard time with my connection these days and was unable to work on this thing.
Would you guys use this if I start this project? I'm still thinking if it would be a good idea.

18. Jatayu,

I personally would, but that also depends on how its carried out.

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