A funny joke

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1. sodanisavit01,

Teacher: santa, tell me counting from 1 to 10.
Santa: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
teacher: where is 6?
santa: dead.
teacher: dead? how it is dead?
santa: today in the morning in the news they were showing that 6 died because of swine fleu.

2. twinkle,

that was not at all funny!

3. Jatayu,

Yeah that may be, an iffy greyarea at the moment with the state of the world but hey he meant no harm by it so I'll deal. In all ceruisness I remember when I was younger and these kind of jokes used to be funny(ignoring present situation I mean) so even if i dont consider that it doens't amuse me anymore but oh man do i remember the trend of santa banta jokes. lmao.

4. YNWA,

I think after Korona and everything else this year you should think twice before you write here after previous posts. I have seen these kind of "risky" posts on personal messages too so I think they need to be checked out "more"

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5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

People are dying regardless. So hmm. As if Corona is the only reason that would end someone's life. I'm sure for a cancer patient it would have a major effect to hear such things, but when the term joke is used I don't think there is room for another discussion, though that's just my opinion and it's normal if I would be mistaken. Corona is dangerous and oh hell I know. But death is just as it is, and if with or without Corona life would still be life. I'm not trying to sound distasteful or in anyway postulate my obnoxious hypothesis but I would like to hear what others have to say. PS: Joke was fun, but not beyond certainly laughable

6. sodanisavit01,

i don't understand why people always give these type of comments like they should be checked and more. please, i have only posted a joke related to it, don't take it seriously

7. YNWA,

Where do we draw the line then? We either have rules or we don't and if we don't have rules then it is a free for all and anything goes! You can't have a halfway house because those lines get squeezed as we saw with the previous yes and no game and that only damaged the image of the helpers in the eyes of many.

8. sodanisavit01,

i am not trying to say that, i mean that i was just joking, these jokes in india are a trend for children. these type of jokes are called Santa Banta jokes for young children. I don't mean to harm anyone. Yes, i do agree with you that we should have rules for a forrem like this as you never know what the people are and what they will behave like. but, again i say that i am not trying to harm anyone. nore i like to.

9. phoenix009,


I do get it. The forum is more formal, at least in some ways. However, I can't help commending Savit here, because in situations like these, it, in some ways, shows determination when you laugh the problem away like it's a joke, even though it might not be a very effective one.

10. sodanisavit01,

what ever you think, but i will only say that this dmatter should not lead to a big fight

11. el-negro-del-whatsapp,

looool that's so strange, but really, really funny. coronavirus bless you, my brothers and sisters on the playroom's faith

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