Question about to put a static photo in an audio track

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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone, I would like to ask to all of you how can I put a static photo for example my photo in an audio track for example my recording from CDEx or a recording from dSpeech. I had Multi Extra but it's not free. Can you suggest a program to do that? Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. the-chaos,

Thank goodness you won't be using multi extra. That one is fishy and Malicious. Feels like a virus to me.

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3. RadioPierpaolo,

Have you got a program to do this?

4. Nikola,

Lol, multy extra paid? Good job, charging for Youtube DL and ffmpeg, as well as embedding Q translate, doubt that's even legal.
Anyway, as for how to do this, there is a command to do it using Ffmpeg, which you can probably find on Google.
However, if you don't mind some small limitations and you aren't uploading too long content, you can use which will do this for you, however in the free version the size is limited and it will also add info about itself to the video description.

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