Inverted scopa

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1. Ephyra,

Hi. A fellow player and I started playing scopa in a fun new way: we try to earn as few points as possible. I'm writing here to ask anyone who wants to play this version to feel free to invite me. P.S. Is this topic ok for the forum?

2. YNWA,

It is a good idea to try different things and I guess that is how many different games were invented. I have played to see how fast a game of scopa could be played, i think 14 seconds. You could try not to take cards from the table and perhaps many other ways of playing could make a game different too.

3. Nikola,

Why not? Certainly a better topic than the spam we have been getting.
Adventure time suggested this type of playing a long time ago actually, and it could indeed be interesting.

4. Ephyra,

Wow 14 seconds, astonishing! Haha Adventure time, I should have known. :D Thanks for informing me, must ask him about it as soon as I see him here next. :)

5. YNWA,

Should clarify first post and that was one round, of course pressing enter but it was funny to see how quickly it could be done.

Said in a previous post that I once played double money for Monopoly. It was an idea of a Brazilian guy who I guess plays in the Portuguese part. He asked me to be spectator, did some trading where he swapped me for one of the bots, I made a trade or two that enabled us both to eventually have double the starting money at the beginning of the game. The bots then were kicked out of the game and we played as normal but with double money.

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6. Dayan,

Yeah me and @Adventure-Time came up with this idea back on 2015 while we were playing the same way. For fun we decided to call it "scopone muerto" which literally means dead scopone lol.
Here is our post:

7. Ephyra,

Wow people, that's lovely, I admire the spirit of experimentation... Thanks for providing the link to the original topic. :D

8. Dayan,

Thanks for supporting our idea without having previous knowledge of it! :D
Personally I found it quite interesting and even challenging. Works better when it is played as scopone escoba.

9. Sylphrena,

I'd recommend trying the same for duck as well. When someone finishes the game, last one wins. It actually adds another dımensıon to the game as you try to support / pull back the first one as they are trying not to end the game just like hearts. Fun stuff.

10. YNWA,

That sounds quackers but good fun, will have to try.

11. Ephyra,

Haha thanks, gonna try it too.

12. Dayan,


Firstly, thank you a lot for implementing this new variant, it's great! :)

I just want to point at something though. When you get the results at the end, instead of telling you that you get a point due the cards you took, it should say your opponent gets a point.
For example: it now says: "You own the largest number of sevens (3) and win a point." and it should say something like "You own the largest number of sevens (3) and your opponent wins/gets a point.". Not sure what would the best way be.

Thanks once more!

13. Aminiel,


Scopa muerto has been implemented quickly, and I wasn't really sure how to change score related messages. It isn't very natural to say "You own the greatest number of cards and XYZ get a point". So for now I left them as they normally are. Maybe I'll change this later.

Note also that if you play with 3 players, the two other player each get a point...

14. Dayan,

I'm trying to think of a way how to write it better, but can't come up with something yet. The only thing that hits my mind is that nobody gets points, only you, but if you reach the score limit then you lose. I guess that would be a little bit more complicated, since the game already works based in the player with the biggest ammount of points winning.

15. Aminiel,

No, I won't change this. That's the reason why other people get points instead of you, rather than counting negative.

16. Fawaz,

I was wondering while creating the game, this new mode will be an option like yes / no, then we pick the variant from 4 previously known choices.
rather than presenting all eight options.
good luck.

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