a problem about friend list in the playroom for my friend

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1. mehdi-t,

Hello, my friend changed his name in the playroom, and when he changed his name again after 1 month, he changed his name when he was online, but because he was online, his name was not changed in the playroom, but it was changed in the forum. Without going offline, he asked for a friend with his old name under his new name, and then he went offline, and when he came online with his new name, he saw Playroom write that you have a friend request, but when he goes to the list of received requests, the playroom showes Received requests (1). but It showes This list is empty. Please help, thank you

2. Nikola,

instead of doing it like that, your friend should try to write in the chat box /add and then his username.
This should cause the request to be accepted. If he does not want to have himself in the friends list, he can later just delete using the standard method.
Hope that helps.

3. mehdi-t,

hello. he said that he tryed that but when he press enter after typeing /add and then his name, nothing happens and the request is not accepted. again, thanks for your answer.

4. Nikola,

I'm sorry, /add won't work because he already has a request.
Try /accept and then the username instead.

5. the_iron_white,

If it's a matter of dealing with the hidden requests bug, your friend should sign into the QC website and accept the request that way.

6. James_Ketchup,

This probably isn't the right place to post it but I thought that I should give it a shot anyway.
I was doing a bit of experimentation and i ended up sending a request to myself on purpose and i can't seem to accept or refuse it and everytime i log on, it notifies me that I have 1 requests to add to the friends' list. If I look for myself on the active player's list, it says "James_Ketchup, available, request sent, Main room, en"
Was just wondering if there was a fix or if I'd have to deal with the consequinces of my experimentation.

7. Nikola,

As I said above, you should be able to type /accept followed by your name to accept such a request.

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