the last post before the new year

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1. SametAlim,

hi buddys.
let's share the worst thing that happened to us in 2020.
firstly, I'm starting;
I broke up with my girlfriend.
so you?

2. icecream_lover,

well about me... I can say almost everything was bad year, covid19 locked down, then found a girl and broke up with her, my computer got wrecked and many many things els.

3. Vojvoda,

Why not share the best thing? Don't we have enough negativity?

4. augma,

my marks are go down

5. twinkle,

The best thing happened to me in 2020 was that I am able to focus on myself, on my studies, etc. And yeah, lets all share all the good things happened to us in 2020 instead of bad ones! Happy new year! May this year bring lots of hope, joy and happiness in our lives! Stay safe.

6. unolover,

the best thing that happiend to me was that i found a good grooop off friends

7. Ephyra,

Wow obsessive positivity kicks in already...

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