problem conecting to the unsecure server on playroom

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1. QueenTammyTheFirst,

Hi. I was facing an issue conecting to the unsecure server on the playroom.
When i pressed connect, it was just playing the loading sound, but wouldn't connect.
I was able to log in using the alternative unsecure server, but was just wondering if anyone was facing the same issue, or if this is just a bug

2. Nikola,

apparently, since the shutdown of yesterday some people are facing this issue, not sure why.
I can connect using the standard unsecure server just fine, but know a few friends who face the same issue as you.

3. Reddy,

hi i also faced the same issue. not shure why

4. Mmarina,

Indeed, this problem occured only since the last shut down.
Do not worry, it is only temporary and the solution is connecting through the alternate server (unsecured connection) for the affected players. It is not clear when exactly it will be solved since it is a problem from the provider's side.
Please note that this has nothing to do with the original problem that prevents all users of connecting to the secure server.

5. unolover,

wen should we expct fthe update pleeze let me know

6. justin,

Hi I am also facing the same issue in fact I tried connecting today

7. Vojvoda,

Yep, I can confirm that I am having the same problem since yesterday.

8. Atlutdfan1,

Hi, I am having issues connecting as well. I have been using the unsecure server, but it still isn't working. When I played about a week ago, things were fine. However, it has not worked these last few days. People have written about an alternate unsecure server; is that different from the standard unsecure server? If so, how do I find and log into it?

9. Mmarina,

Hi, the alternate unsecure server is in the same place as the unsecure server, just one more down arrow.
In case you do not know yet where is that, so when connecting, you need to press shift tab and you will find a servers combobox, from there you will find 4 servers if the unsecure is not working try the alternate.

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