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31. QueenTammyTheFirst,

Hi everyone.
My name is Tammy, and i am from england.
I am quite shy, but i love to make new friends and chat.
I also love listening to music, singing, and playing my guitar.
Feel free to private message me or send a friend request, i will be more than happy to chatwith you, smiles

32. QueenBella666,

I don't know most of the pr platform, just a handful of people from a handful of
countries. Also, if anyone is interested, I run a team talk server, that would be a great chance for us to meet. The server details are as follows: ports 10145. Anyone is welcome. There is no set time, just come up whenever it fits your fancy.

33. afrim,

Hi there, my name is Afrim and I'm originally from Albania, currently living and studying in Germany. I've been around on Playroom since 2013 or 2014. This platform has changed quite a lot since then but I still am here on and off. I still don't have a profession, but it will be orientated towards teaching and translation. I speak Albanian as a mother tongue, English, German and Italian. I love listening to music, and doing various activities with friends.
In any case, coffee or wine can brighten my day.

34. The_European_Creature ,

Hello everyone. My name is Nadia and am originally from Spain, but currently living in England. I turned 18 on March 1. I like to write, read, listen to music, sing sometimes, I also play the piano. I like to socialize with people although I am quite shy.

35. dani.btr,

Hey! My Name is Daniela, I am from Ecuador. I really love music, I eart differents genres, I also like reading. I hoppe I could meet different people, it is fantastic meet new people and learn more about countries and cultures.

36. braille0109,

I guess it's time for the unconventional creature to pop in and say hi.
Proud atheist, enneagram 6 with wings of 1 and 5. Lonely but happy being alone, introvert for the most part.
I live in the UK, but originally Hungarian. Love writing, (don't do stories or books) down to chat, love messing with old used and abused devices, mainly tablets, phones, and laptops. I'm still in education.
In terms of vision, I have a rare form of LCA. Have full light and short distance shadow perception, with no colour, letter, or shape vision. Everything I can see, I see clearly, but at the same time, everything is see through.
I'm 21 this year, and body fluid repulsed on the ace spectrum. Have I mentioned how I don't have my own TeamTalk server, radio show, podcast, or youTube chan? Some of you should get the reference on that last one. :)
Other than that, feel free to send me a friend request on here, say hi, and let's see if we get beyond the short talk that never gets anywhere?

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37. supanut2000,

Hi all, I'm sure a number of you may have known me already, but...oh well, here goes my intro...
My name is Supanut Leepaisomboon, but you can just call me by my nickname, Nut. I'm 25 years old, from Bangkok, Thailand.
I'm a LLB student studying international business law at Thammasat University's Tha Prachan Campus, for my second bachelors degree. For my first bachelors degree, I did a BBA in international business at Mahidol University International College (MUIC) and I even did a semester abroad in the UK, at University of Sussex.
For my vision, I'm not totally blind, I can see colors, large texts and objects, lights and shadows But still I do have to rely on screen readers on a daily bases when using computers and smartphones.

38. QueenBella666,

If anyone wants to talk to me on wat's app, my number is: +1 785 337-3528. All are welcome to message me as you wish.

39. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

as the playrroom's phoenixa said earlier, it seems like an interesting thread so I'm going to do a short intro: My name is Juliana, I was born in the most pretty country (for me) in the world called Colombia. my age isn't important, just suffice to say that I'm still very young. I am a fan of books, learning languages and a lot of other things, and although I hardly go into here, and I rarely pass through the English area, if you see me feel free to send me a message if you want, I am open to learn from this multicultural environment that the playroom fosters.

40. Kaboerain,

Hello, my name is Angel and I'm from Mexico, I love everything related to computers and music from my country. I don't have much to say, only if you want to talk to me with pleasure I accept requests and learn more about the language :D

41. el_poderoso_sargeras,

Hi guys, I just wanted to recommend that you don't post your phone numbers here, it's not a good idea because this forum can be seen from google haha.

42. QueenBella666,

I'm not worried about people having this number that I posted, I have a couple phone numbers for different things.

43. Jeff-Rutkowski,

I'm Jeff Rutkowski from Minnesota, a state in the upper midwest of the United States.
Blind since birth, I graduated high school in 2004. My hobbies include listening to described movies and TV shows, playing accessible computer games and chatting with people over TeamTalk.
Some playroom users may consider me to be old-school for still owning a landline phone but using an over-priced device with a touchscreen that lacks the necessary features Centurylink provides just doesn't appeal to me.
My webpage is located at It contains many described movies but I don't maintain it as often as I should due to the fact that the audio vault has far more content. It is located at
I also enjoy alcoholic beverages. These include but aren't limited to beer and mixed drinks, most of which contain vodka.
Since this Covid conspiracy swept the nation, I mainly stay home doing my own thing, only going out when I need to purchase groceries or visit family.

44. Pary,

Hello everyone,
I am Pranam from India. My interests include coding, playing instruments, reading books and talking to my friends. I have been using playroom since 2019. I am currently persuing my studies and am just waiting for the day when I'll be free from it :P

45. Emrah20,

My name is Marco Oros. I am from Slovakia. I was here on this community, but due to one mistake I have deleted former account with nick Giovani.

46. Pool,

hello everyone, I'm Prateek from India. currently in 10th standered. my interests are playing games, reading, and I'm quite open to trying out new things. though I'm quite Introvert, I like meeting new people.

47. Dayan,

No clue if I've posted on here before, but truth is I have not much to say about myself haha. I'm Diana, I'm from Mexico and I'm 23 years old (as for the date I'm post this comment at)
I like languages, I love to find out how some originated from another and so on, so yeah, linguistics but I haven't really studied about it. I've learned English here at Playroom, and if not here, then with people I have met here LOL. I think I'm not the only one who has done so, so yeah this community has helped me a lot, and has helped me to meet some great people :)
Feel free to drop me a message or write to me and I'll gladly respond to (almost) everything.
It would be awesome to meet some more of you!

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48. Aidan,

I am Aidan from South africa.
I am on here for a few months.
I am not good at most of the games here, and I prefer arcade games more than card games, but I like the interaction here.
I am also on RSGames.
Feel free to message me.
Just english please. I don't no other languages except afrikaans.
I love music, rnb, house, and computers, it is always great to meet new people.

49. unolover,

i am amanda and i love to play games

50. sound2,

Hi all

I'm Louisa from South Africa. I like reading, some fantasy, some detective, or anything with a good sense of humour. I like music, such as some older forms of house, and other kinds of music such as chillout. As long as the person means what he/she is singing about, smiles. I'm a bit shy, like to think about life, and analyse things. Though I can talk a lot if the conversation interests me.
Anyway, you all have a nice day/evening.

51. Onisama,

Hi everyone

I am from Costa Rica, study law at the law school and I would be loved to make your acquaintance.

I love reading, to watch tv shows at netflix or Disney plus (Currendly watching Wanda Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier), learning languages, history or geography or science.

If you want to chat or something just text and send a friend request, I'll accepting all requests for a wild

52. dragonoid,

hello. My name is ilyas and i am from algeria. I am nicknamed as dragonoid. I like computers/tech, coding and programming, and yes, you have guessed it, dragons! I hope i meet more friends. Thanks

53. lussy,

Hello! My name is Oana, I am 16 years old and I love socializing, writing, reading, listening to music and doing various stuff. If you use teamtalk and want to get along with my crazy group of friends, just note down this server data:, ports 10337, no user and pass. Hope you will enjoy! Even if you don't use tt, you can accept me as a friend and we can continue chating. Best wishes!

54. usted,

hello everyone.
my name is cristian.
i'm from Colombia, a beautiful place and a paradice.
i'm now studing law.
my greatest dream is to be uble to drive a motorbike, so i could and it was the nicest experience of my life.
i like so much listening to music, learning about other cultures and languages.
allso like story, reading, astronomy, spaming and of course, sleeping with my dog.

55. sanagui-dj,

hello for all. my name is alejandro, and i'm fron Mexico, i'm 20 years old. i'm a dj, and currently translating a virtual dj screen reader that is called mall muzyk.
greetings for all!
and would be nice to know somebody in this foro.

56. KimberlyGemma ,

Hello everybody. My name is Kimberly, I am 17 years old and I am from the United States. I like to read, sing, write, sleep, eat, and make new friends. I recently created this account here so I still don't know how this works, before I used to play rs games so I know, or i think i know how the games in common are played, just as you can see in my statistics, I played only ninety nine, being this my favorite game. but anyway, if you want us to talk, do not hesitate to contact me :)

57. lucas1,

Hi I'm Lucas. I'm 17 years old from Canada. I enjoy coding, reading, writing, listening to music and sometimes gaming. This topic looked cool so I figured I'd post here since I'm becoming more active again in the playroom recently.
Games I play on Playroom:
1000 miles, uno, 99, spades, monopoly, battleship, farkle, shut the box, quiz party, the little exam, duck racing, citadels.

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58. AlirezaMorningstar,

Hi I'm Dark I'm 17 and I'm living in Iran. I like videogames and anime I also like DC and Marvel comics.
I can play the following games on PR
Uno, Reversi, Ninety Nine, Hearts, Spades, Scopa, Monopoly, Duck racing, 1000 Miles, Farkle, Battleship, The little exam, Chess, Citadels, FREE TABLE.

59. Bizarap,

Hi, my name is mike, well, it's not my real name, but I prefer to be known that way for now. I'm from Argentina, I like programming, music, audio games and making new friends. yes, I still don't know enough English to write without a translator, but I still like the language, and I plan to learn it fully.

60. piathekiller,

hello all:
Mi name is pía, and I'm from argentina; I like technology, music, play drums, learn languajes and learn about other cultures.
I am freak. I love star wars, marvel and all thinks of cience fiction. I love too roleplay games and here play more games as scopa, nineti nine, monopoly and other.
I like play mortal kombat and all video games games can I play. I speak spanish, english and italian. I like talk in team talk too.
I finished school and stop study afew times, so I love programing. send me a messaje if you are bored to share a good time! :)

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