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61. asosyal,

Hi, I'm a Turk and I'm interested in history.
I'm interested in philosophy, geography, and Linguistics because they're connected to history.
in short, I love learning.

62. usted,

hi. i am just another regular person. i'm from just another country, loccated in just another continent from just another planet. i love just other things, i speak just other unknown languages, and no more. greetings for all!

63. Bizarap,

shut up person! :D :D :D JustAnotherPerson is my friend, relax

64. augma,

my name is mohit
i am from india
i like to read fanfictions and listning music

65. siervodejusticia,

Hey there!
My name is Andres, I'm from Colombia as well, and I'm a christian preacher. I' not quite known in this part of the playroom, but love to make new friends as well.
I love classical music, smooth jazz and of course, the good old school bollywood/filmi music.

66. slann-tonic,

Hi everyone, my name is Slanovan tonic. I'm from colombia, I love playing the piano, singing, going for walks and making new friends each time I have a chance. I speak english, spanish, a bit of italian, some sentences in chinese and I'm learning german. If you wanna know more about me, just contact me. everyone is welcome!

67. pikawax,

Hey! Pikawax here, i'm a crazy french pokemon fan! I can speak english, french and a bit spanish.

68. Magnus,

Hey Everyone,

An interesting thread indeed! I am from India, and English is my second language. I like to do running, swimming, playing basket and football. I have been on Playroom since 2020, but I am more active now. I like to play games like Manamon 1 and 2, Crazy Party, A Hero's Call, Adventure @ C:, and much more! I am also part of Audiogames Community, my user is star fire in there. I know HTML, now learning Python. Feel free to say hi, or send a friend request. As long as we don't try to spam, we'll be good acquaintances :). Hope this casually written introduction works :).

Edit: @67, I too, like Pokemon. Watching Master Journeys (season 24) as of the time of writing this post.
Edit 2: user is now Magnus.

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69. dragonoid,

and i'm a poky maunnistic person too

70. Aidan,

So I assume you guys buy allot of chips, or whatever you call them to optain those pocumans.

71. el_poderoso_sargeras,

wooow I love pokemon too! it is my favorite anime and I love playing the games.

72. Magnus,

@70: Nope, the series are available online. On the sites like Netflix.

@71: The only games I managed to play are Braillemon, and Pokemon Cristal. The Pokemon I like in terms of stats and moves learning ability is Gyarados. That is able to learn water, air, fire, electric, ice, rock, dragon, steel type moves. I guess I am missing a type or 2. Anyway, enough Pokemon stuff for now I guess,
School time is over, I have decided to opt for Political Science Honours. It's a lot of fun doing sports and managing studies at the same time. Anyway, stay safe, and take care! If you feel bored, and you see me online, feel free to say hi!

73. piathekiller,

I love pokemon too people!

74. Stella_Mccoy,

me too haha, I love pokemon hahaha. Well, I could say I love... I think

75. slann-tonic,

yes, you're right. you can say I love pokemon or any other character.

76. Stella_Mccoy,

uh, I say I think because I didn't see the complete anime yet, and I didn't play all of the videogames hahaha.

77. sukil,

My name is Sukil and I'm from Spain. I'm 25. I'm studdying English Studies (actually, been about to finish it since forever) and Engineering Informatics. I like reading, listening to audio dramas, listening to music, watching TV, playing games, languages, and knowing a little bit about everything. Also, I'm really shy.

78. aidenn,

First of all, what is adventure at sea, second of all, what is heroes call? Third of all, or both of them multiplayer chat and games like this is?

79. sukil,

They are both games. Both are offline signle player games.
Adventure at C is a side scroller (your usual side scroller but really difficult), and A Hero's Call is an open world RPG (you can move freely and complete several quests, some of them depending on other quests, and have turn based combat). Adventure at C is free, A Hero's Call is not (but I don't know if you can buy it now).

80. ebrahim,

Hello i'm from libya
i'm studying in germany
i love programming

81. prabhu,

hello! i have been here since long time but just today started looking at forums. i am prabhu from india who is a working professional. feel free to message me here when ever i am online. would love to chat.

82. Ephyra,

Professional forum avoider? :d

83. Bizarap,

lol xdd.

84. dragonoid,

wow! That's a Lot of poky monners here, just like me, how about we make a poky-room in the this forum, the this forum

85. augma,

i also like pokemon
i have watched all the seasons from kanto to gallor and all the movies from mutwo strikes back to the detective picachu
but i haven't played any games
are any pokemon games accessible?

86. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Yes, as far as I know there are scripts that you can use on emulators. I am by no means an expert, I have tried pokemon yellow but I think crystal and a few other gen 1 and 2 ones work as well. There is a big thread on the forum if you're interested.

87. blank,

Hello and thanks for taking the time to hear the nonsense that I posted, smiles.

I live in the southern California coast area and even though it doesn't seem that many actually meet people through here (based upon various posts of course), I would have to guess that it works for some nevertheless, meeting new people and learning their ways, likes, dislikes and such, is for the most part from my limited experiences anyway usually is a delightful thing to do. So if you are interested, I would enjoy hearing from you and until then, try and take care along with having yourself good times.

PS. Stay true being you.

88. ashishchhetri,

Hi all iam ashish from nepal. I like 1000 miles game, farkal, ninety-nine, duck racing, dominos, Mexican train, quiz party and spades. You can invite me in free table. If you want to no more about me, you can send me friend request and contact me.Thank you.

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89. RomanReigns,

hay every one I am shubham from india i recently started to looking foroms and i find it very intresting to interduce myself.
so lets start i am shubham from india. i recently finished my twelth and now going for my graduation.
my intrests are playing games, reading nobles, listning songs and well learning new things
i love to play games and i also love chatting so if any one find me in play room feel free to message me. we will have good time thanks and pardon for my mistakes.

90. jg0308,

I'm form México and I'm almost 33 years old.

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