downloading playlists from youtube

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1. aki_bg011,

hi, Does anyone know some good program for downloading playlists from youtube, for individual songs I use (Pontes Media Download), but when I try to download the whole playlist, it get me out from app.

2. supanut2000,

Well, Pontes Media Download works for me for playlist download, though for some playlists a number of videos in the playlist won't download, and so I have to rely on online downloaders to download such videos.

3. magnumHurricane,

I use foobar2000. Its pritty reliable, fast and not to mention diverse in the options it gives you

4. sanagui-dj,

hy, also you can use renova music.
can be downloaded in

5. delmar-barry,

Use Foobar2000, or update Pontes media downloader to its' newest version. Don't forget to update the downloader engine after some time, so it's going to work for sure.

6. RadioPierpaolo,

Renova music has got virus so don't ddownload it

7. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

really? does renoba music have a virus?

8. rmcpantoja,

Hello. This YouTube GUI may be of interest, I programmed it myself. It allows you to download both the original video and conversion to mp3, download subtitles, playlists and more. By the way, the page is in Spanish, it is the mother tongue in which I speak.

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