Important update today

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31. Marina,

I think digits should be removed to keep it universal yes.

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32. Kristen_Star,

please explain which digit is responsible for which note? apparently, only those who write music on a physical keyboard know this. I mean the musical duel in the duck race

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33. the-chaos,

there should be an option to disable menu sounds and the sound when you hit enter.

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34. Adventure-Time,

@Kristen It's pretty simple, the number 1 stands for C /do, 2 for D/re and so on until 8. By the way, you don't have to repeat the notes in the order in which it was played.

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35. YNWA,

Apparently alphabets are the same and numbers are the same in braille apart from the numbers for French braille which are different.

A is dot 1
B is dots 1 and 2
C is dots 1 and 4
and so on.

Numbers are represented by a number sign (dots 3, 4, 5 and 6) followed by a letter A to J.

I gave an example of card numbers a while ago somewhere on the forum. I would scrap numbers as I would assume you would not include the number sign. You would effectively be asking for people to remember the letters a to I and aj if you use the number 10.

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36. Nikola,

I thought it was the number sign for braille numbers too, because that is how it is in Serbian as well as in Crazy party, but no.
What you have to do in Duck racing challenges is add a dot 6 to any number. For example, 1 is 16, 2 is 126, 3 is 136 and so on.
It's not hard once you get used to it, but I can understand why it would cause some confusion.

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37. Aminiel,


OK. So I will remove digits from the braille challenge, as it is definitely not universal. Sorry for that, I didn't know.

IN fact, in french, there exists two systems:

For musical duel, it should sound pretty obvious. Notes are 1=C, 2=D, 3=E, 4=F, 5=G, 6=A, 7=B and 8=upper C.
You must reproduce the 4 or 5 notes heard in the right order, but don't need to be on rhythm.
However, when having telephone beeps, you need to use all digits 0-9.

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38. Adventure-Time,

You must reproduce the 4 or 5 notes heard in the right order, but don't need to be on rhythm.

If that's how it's supposed to work, then unfortunately there's a bug at the moment. At least the last time I've tried today, you could type the digits in any order you wish, and the game would recognize it as the right answer. I've also tried slamming all the 8 keys quickly just for fun to see if it can work. That at least usually disconnected me for a while and then marked the result as draw.

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39. No-Time-no-Musume,


I don't know if this is a bug, but it appears, that I am now able to see myself coming to the playroom before the welcome message. Note that I have myself added in the friendlist.

Dracula-Vampira has just entered the playroom.
Welcome to the playroom, version [03.04.2022]. 184 players are connected at the moment.

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40. ibraheemmohsen,

Even if this is a bug, it is not a significant bug or hinders the use of the game.
It just shows you came online.

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41. AmrendraBarber,

In addition, I believe that happens because now as @nikola rightly pointed out, when you reconnect after being disconnected for whatever reason, it says that you entered the playroom rather than the message that used to be displayed before "so and so has just reconnected." As said before, however, this will take some time to fix, so patience is key.

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42. Nikola,

since it was mentioned above, I'd just like to clarify that since today's reboot I can't reproduce any of the connection bugs I reported yesterday anymore, and for me everything is fixed.
Leaving the Playroom works as expected now, and so does reconnecting to games. I don't get notified anymore that someone just entered the Playroom even if in reality they only reconnected to an existing game, , which is correct and just like before this update.

Thanks for your great work.
Only a small question, the service status page says:

10:57: reactivating subscriptions, nick changes, lost password feature and all other features that send e-mails

However, this doesn't seem to be true. The website still says that all these features are temporarily unavailable.

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43. Shiara,

Another player and I have noticed a kind of bug in the game Quiz Party.
When choosing a category and start running the time, pressing letter "T", the screenreaders says "0 seconds" at all times. This stays the same for the entire question until time runs out.
Thanks for the nice work!

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44. ibraheemmohsen,

There is an error in Uno:
When a person wins, the sound of loss appears for both players, and this well-known message does not appear for the winning person:
You are the winner of the whole game!
This is in the new update only.

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45. Naday,

A few more things to report:

  1. I can't reproduce it, but I could manage once to pause and unpause a game two times in a row, it was a Scopa game so a round got totally skipped. Maybe I pressed shift p many times or way too fast, perhaps it is related also to slow internet, as if the server would take the same commands the number of times the client sent it, ignoring that the action was done already once. In a similar case, I was playing Scientific War, when playing the number 8 I could change my hand two times, again maybe I pressed it twice, not sure now. I don't think it matters but I was playing against a bot in both cases.
  2. Not exactly a bug but I think the menu sounds should be also played, not only when you press down arrow, but when you move in it by, for example, pressing the letter r to reply to the topic, there is no sound at all and it doesn't feel right moving through the elements without the sound. I mean, activating and deactivating them could always be added as an option, but what I mean is, if it's supposed to work this way, it should also apply in the cases you scroll it with the letters, not only the arrows.

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46. Mohammedradwan2003,

i wish that the live chat feature was accessible via the in-game client rather than from browser

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47. Naday,

It's not 1st April anymore, the live chat is not real.

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48. Sweetheart-Station, people still on that live chatt thing..

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49. Stenaldo,

Hi all,

As someone who is part of this platform from more than seven years, I’d like to congratulate the very good work the developers have done recently, especially with the first 3.0 update. The game became responsive, quick, (just like years ago), and I could feel again the pleasure of playing uno although now I can’t play as often as “once upon a time”.

Regarding the menu sounds added in this version, I would suggest that they should not be active while playing. Their introduction has refreshed the playroom, but they overlap with other sound effects within games, and it creates a certain kind of confusion. After all, every game clearly separates its menu sounds from other sound effects so that would be great if you could do it as well.

Now other players have also emphasized this issue with Uno, with games ending as soon as the last player has been thrown out, making a game with more than two players senseless.

I’m positive you’ll keep making playroom lovely in the months to come, and I wish you well!

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50. Aminiel,


I'm glad that you like the new features. That's always a pleasure when people like what you do.

The bug with uno prematurely ending the game when there are only two players left should be fixed now.

For those who still believe in the live chat, let me now tell you that this was a 1st april joke. It should have been quite obvious in fact, since today in 2022, live audiodescription doesn't exist at all, and live voice translation is only available on big platforms and still works quite approximatively as far as I know.

Most of the rest is true: we have upgraded to a new server, the code related to networking has been totally renewed, and you can find out by yourself that new games and duck's race challenges are tehre.
Concerning Internet Explorer and old client 2.x, we are effectively going slowly to disable features when still on them.

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51. Nikola,

Hello Aminiel,
indeed, from my quick testing, the Uno bug has been fixed since today's reboot. Thanks.

On the other hand, Magic blocks battle royal is still quite broken. In addition to the issues I highlighted earlier, to be honest I also have the impression that even though spells are sent to other players, they don't really have any effect at all.
I've tested this by looking at both my own grid, as well as the grid of my opponent. Making a combo, a spell is sent to my opponent and he can hear the spell received sound, but it doesn't really change the contents of his grid in any way. Are they perhaps not completely implemented yet?
I also think that there is a major balancing problem here. Imagine a situation where I am on level 12, and you are on level 0. If I fail on level 12, you are going to win the game and take 2 points, while I will be second. Here I believe level should be taken into account rather than the time spent playing.
Now however, you might be asking how is it possible for one player to be on level 12 and his opponent on level 0? Well, quite simple, your opponent simply has to wait and not drop any blocks. On level 0, you have more than 20 seconds, so if your opponent is actively playing, while you just wait, you will stay on level 0 for quite a long time, and your opponent has a much greater risk of failing at a higher level. This issue might however be fixed once spells are working properly, since the way I understood it, they are supposed to mess up the grid of your opponent, and thus you won't be able to just wait and do nothing, but I suppose that will require some further testing.

Finally, a last point for now, I'm not sure why, but tables of Magic blocks are always private by default. This made sense while the game was single player only, but perhaps, if possible, it would be good to either make the table public as soon as you press enter on battle royal, or just like all other games on the Playroom just make it public by default.

Thanks as always for taking our feedback into account.

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52. Stenaldo,

No doubt Aminiel, you deserve it completely!
It’s true, the issue with uno is totally fixed. I’m just hoping you’ll be able to fix the menu sounds soon and then we’re good to go! 12

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53. unolover,

what is the enter presher game

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54. Eduardo_sousa,

hello, when we are playing in a web browser if we refresh the page we are removed from the table and back to the home page.

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55. Naday,

Returning to the server receiving and taking a message more than once, I think there is also a bug that allows you to post twice or multiple times on the forum in a row.

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56. Naday,

Like this.

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57. nunoportugal,

hello, sometimes when a friend disconnects, you receive 2 messages and 2 sounds. this is a old bug.
not related with new server. but i think can be fixed now. and i know that is 1st appril jocke, but playroom actually is more than a place for games. i think for example in free tables at least, is good to have an option to send and receive voice messages pressing a key, i believe make a live chat is not good at the moment. it can be done with teamtalk sdk or teamspeak, or even with bass record functions.

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58. Stenaldo,

Hey again,

Here’s something else I found, which I believe is worth sharing with you. For some reasons, the time limit in Uno is ignored when someone plays wilds, draw twos, or draw four cards. It might be intentional, but in case it isn’t, I thought that’s a good thing for you to keep in mind while doing your splendid work.

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59. Mortem,

I too think that voice chat would actually be a cool addition, but I believe Aminiel has said no before.

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60. Naday,

Now I am seeing messages on the main room such as Username has been suddenly disconnected. (Connection reset) or Username has been suddenly disconnected. (Connection timed out) I don't know if this is supposed to happen.

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