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61. Michael_James04,

Hello there,
In this case I'm using the latest Firefox' version and the language goes allright for me, the only issue I'm dealing with is the absence of text when something happens, for example when adding a bot, like other people have already said.
I'm using Windows by the way.

Thanks a lot!

62. Ramon-Salazar,

Me also I couldn't connect to The Webclient of The QuentinC's Playroom

When I connect it shows

Connecting... (play.qcsalon.net:80)
Connection established
Unknown command: fail, arg=Protocol error #8

I'm using firefox 52.5.0 (64-bit) ESR version
Edit: The problem fixed after clearing the cash

Последнее изменение Ramon-Salazar, 22.11.2017 11:41:28

63. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Yesterday, as I said, I was able to log in using chrome, but not firefox. Well, after a while I tried again and I was able to log in using firefox, though not chrome. Right now I can't use any of them.

Connecting... (play.qcsalon.net:80)
Connection established
Unknown command: fail, arg=Protocol error #8
According to a friend, I don't even seem to be online even for a second, but as my history says my connection was established.

64. Aminiel,

For those who have the protocol error #8: does the problem persist even if you clear cache and cookies ?
That's quite strange.

65. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

I cleared it and it did not work, when I cleared was when I became able to use it on firefox but not chrome, and honestly, I don't think I'll be clearing everytime I want to enter, if the cleaning was the actual reason, which I doubt.

66. Naday,

When I use an android device and I send a message, it reads the message once, then reads the whole chat history twice. Does it happen to someone else?

67. Nikola,

Hi Dayan, this is currently a bug with live regions. This is actually not a playroom bug, rather chrome for Android has this bug with talkback. It might improve soon if my feedback successfully gets through.
Edit: OK, I now get this as well on chrome, probably caused by some recent change as it used to work fine:
Unknown command: fail, arg=Protocol error #8

Последнее изменение Nikola, 21.11.2017 20:18:09

68. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

It would be really cool if you would not have to change your viw channel options everytime you log in from the web client.

Последнее изменение Rudolph-The-Reindeer , 24.11.2017 21:18:08

69. Aminiel,

Normally your settings for views and channels should be saved

70. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

They are not being saved at all.

71. Aminiel,

There was a bug, options weren't saved in certain cases.
Now they should always be saved, unless you are using private browsing.

I think I have also fixed the problem about colors in menus.

72. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Thanks, it works now. A good idea as I think would be if your settings at the windows client could be saved also in the web client and vice versa. I like the settings that are in the windows client and in the web client are kind of different. Anyway I set them as better as I could. Anyway, there are more bugs to solve. Good luck on this update.

73. Aminiel,

At the moment it's impossible, your settings are saved locally, not on the server.

74. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Again it is not saving the channels and views settings.

75. Ramon-Salazar,

The channel and views settings is only saved when I exited The Webclient using alt+f4, but when I clicked leave playroom The settings reverted to the default

also There is no sound of typing when I press alt+tab

Последнее изменение Ramon-Salazar, 28.11.2017 20:04:33

76. Aminiel,

There has never been a typing sound.

Normally, your settings are saved when you leave the options menu. I think the only way to bypass it is to close the browser when still being in that menu (or of course if it crashes at that moment).

77. Ramon-Salazar,

I meant the sound of The message when it's sent

I can hear it only when I'm in the browser

Последнее изменение Ramon-Salazar, 30.11.2017 15:19:44

78. Mazdak ,

Hi, since one week, I can't connect to the playroom using the web client. It just says: connecting... disconnected... What is the problem? Please let me know how can I fix this, thank you.

79. Nikola,

Just wanted to report that I'm currently typing this message from the web client using edge. If you use narrator, edge is so snappy and the web client works just as fast as Windows client as long as you use a fast and responsive synth. I'm in general very surprised by narrator's performance with edge. It is really snappy. With some adjustments, you could use playroom very well like this. The only thing is that narrator prioritizes items reading, so when you play a card for example it wont read that due to the items changing and it prefers to read that. Other than that though, it works very well. About to do some interceptions in uno as a test :D wish me luck.

80. Mazdak ,

Can anyone please help me? I have cleared my firefox data/cookies twice, but I did not get any acceptable result. I still can't connect to the web client.

81. Nikola,

Weird. I can use it just fine and I would say it has gotten to the point where it's how it was originally meant to be.

82. keba,

hi guys, i'm just confirming that as of right now, i've tested edge and firefox 56.0.2 with NVDA, and i am not able to hear any speech output such as game messages and and so on. not tested on ios yet, but i shall be doing so soon.

83. Nikola,

Hi. NVDA has issues with this for whatever reason. There are 2 solutions I cam recommend: 1. In the channels and views options, set the speech priority for all kinds of messages to either high or critical as both seemed to work for me. 2. Use another screen reader/browser combination. I am extremely surprised but Edge and narrator is my best combination for the web client due to narrator being extremely responsive with reading with just a slight issue that after a few minutes it becomes slower and you need to alt tab out of the window and back into it for it to be normal again.

84. Vojvoda ,

What is actually the problem on chrome with history reading? Example if it tells me Vojvoda says to aminiel: how are you? then next message Vojvoda says to Aminiel: What's new? Screen reader will not read Vojvoda says to Aminiel only the message. It is not only with private messages it happens with any word which is repeated.

85. StormProductions,

This web client still won't read what's up in the chat and so on. Will this ever be fixed? lol.

86. Nikola,

It will when you read the threads properly. I posted a solution for that three times, and one of the posts is literally 2 posts above yours. So just don't be lazy and you will know how to fix it.

Последнее изменение Nikola, 07.02.2018 21:09:18

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