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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 140 slann-tonic,

add more arcade games

christopher1808 0 christopher1808,

new game idea life locater

aayushi 2 Nikola,

Fives and threes manual scoring mode

Nikola 0 Nikola,

new game request: ludo/ Pachisi game board on the platform

samrat_kc 5 Aminiel,

reply command in chat (~LabelSolved~)

Kyleman 3 Emerald,

New Monopoly boards submission (~LabelOngoing~)

Emrah20 12 YNWA,

Duck racing bots behavior patern

lucy_light 3 Aminiel,

Yet another game idea: Betrayal at baldur's gate

codbro 4 aayushi,

allowing to choozing my own favorite botes. (~LabelDone~)

aayushi 8 Isaac5457,

Why am I unable to play some games with bots in the web client?

slannon 5 Nikola,

Archery duel

Isaac5457 4 aayushi,

Cards Against Arda/Muggles

abbyforth 1 aayushi,

suggestion for new game: duck racint duels

Rory101 3 Rory101,

A few interesting things (~LabelOngoing~)

CaptainMcOi 26 CaptainMcOi,

Suggestion, add Truco game.

Borja 12 aayushi,

Duck Race suggestion

Eduardo_sousa 14 Aminiel,

Quiz Party in Serbian

Basti 4 Aminiel,

Game profiles (~LabelNew~)

Quintin-D 7 Emerald,

Automatically play audio streams

Nikola 14 Mortem,

game suggestion: bagha chal(moving tigers) (~LabelCancelled~)

Radiant 5 aayushi,

How is racism and anti-Semitism addressed in the playroom?

AMOR_MIOO 29 Aminiel,

add voice chats to the playroom (~LabelDone~)

amirmahdifard 41 Marina,

Loginging to your game of choice.

Mohammedradwan2003 3 Nikola,

Turkish translation

goodbye_my_love 11 Muamal,

Changes to keyboard shortcuts for the web client on the mac

rockstar2013 1 Nikola,

preserve login for internal web view

kartaan 0 kartaan,

Detailed rules for golf

splyt 4 splyt,

Final score in 99

Quintin-D 2 blaise97,

What version of Farkle does playroom Uses?

GeorgeWu 2 GeorgeWu,

Tysiac for 2 and 4 players

Nikola 4 Aminiel,

Ability to add Comment to Game Table Name

wesleymartin 2 wesleymartin,

suggestion to allow bots in quiz party, the little exam, and scrabble, along with allowing bots in connect four, reverse, chess, and go beta on the web client. (~LabelOngoing~)

Elevatorguy 7 Elevatorguy,

Adding ranks and levels.

Musfikul_hasnat_shiam 1 Naday,

Jaws 2024 reading in french when in english for QP validator (~LabelSolved~)


game modes in quiz party

ThomasRaith 10 Exink,

Finally, My new Slovak Monopoly board idea

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Improve card sorting in games like belote and tysiacha

HeadphoneJack 0 HeadphoneJack,

new games to add

Peggy_Bella420 15 aayushi,

some game suggestions

Ornella13 2 Emrah20,

Golf suggestion: continuing the game after someone hits 100 points (~LabelDone~)

Adventure-Time 5 Nikola,

Fixing bot replacements

Nikola 4 sky360,

Suggestion to Add new Options In cribbage for More Fun

supertrend 1 Mohammedradwan2003,

who is that again?

Radiant 66 supertrend ,

suggestion to add new games

Elevatorguy 1 blaise97,

Sound for playable cards in Uno

slannon 6 supertrend ,

why are some of the new games not showing? (~LabelSolved~)

Elevatorguy 1 Nikola,

How to play The eternal second? (~LabelOngoing~)

Emrah20 2 Emrah20,

Ask for a confirmation before blocking somebody

Nikola 1 Ryo-Bee,

Missing rules message

Vojvoda 0 Vojvoda,

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