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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 132 Negaar,

Ask for a confirmation before blocking somebody

Nikola 1 Ryo-Bee,

Missing rules message

Vojvoda 0 Vojvoda,

Reason why the number of tables... does not reflect the number of tables?

helleon 6 gfriha,

Samoan Game: Suipi?

SomeoneLoveable 0 SomeoneLoveable,

game suggestion: casino

Dissonance531 1 Aminiel,

Mac Client?

Nice-2-meet-u 3 Wittiepenguin,

Forum RSS feeds

Nikola 5 esialb97,

Suggestion, add "Truco" game. (~LabelRefused~)

EnzoFernandez 1 code_red,

Suggestion for private messages/ invite sounds

aims 8 choco,

Game suggestion: 1000

Nikola 5 Adventure-Time,

Who can join this table option for public tables

Mortem 0 Mortem,

Small suggestion for duck racing, cosino board

Negaar 0 Negaar,

Duck Racing Number of Laps

jage 7 Aminiel,

adding Cards against Humanity for a new game

MaverickWilde 21 aayushi,

Why don't bots take place of leaving players?

kumandan 6 esialb97,

Duck racing: Checking which duels are enabled

Nikola 2 EmeraldPupMato_lemon,

Translating playroom

Burak 38 emre,

Help me process faster.

Radiant 3 esialb97,

sound skins for playroom?

Radiant 7 lucy_light,

Suggestion regarding free tables.

Naday 22 Mohammedradwan2003,


Khal 2 Khal,

Playroom V3 number inputting suggestions

Nikola 0 Nikola,

can we get the reply lock?

Radiant 17 Radiant,

who is that again?

Radiant 65 Nikola,

Add a rule in Farkle

EnzoFernandez 4 YNWA,

Tyny suggestion for the web

void-emperer 1 Nikola,

add sum new games

mk810 9 aayushi,

add voice chats to the playroom

amirmahdifard 26 GeorgeWu,

Don't delete the message when pressing control m on a player

upsilonxploder 0 upsilonxploder,

Purpose of always use secure connections setting

slannon 2 slannon,

Suggestion: Refuse an invitation

Nikola 15 ibraheemmohsen,

Suggestion: add disenfranchisement notice for web client users who play duck racing

Isaac5457 4 Nikola,

Chess in the web client

ibrahim 6 Aminiel,

Acessible Checkers or draughts

lucsouza1975 8 Aminiel,

game suggestions involving space, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Divergent, and the Hunger Games

SugarQueen 0 SugarQueen,

two suggestions for spades

dave 3 Ryo-Bee,

Suggestion regarding permanent messages

GeorgeWu 5 GeorgeWu,

Suggestion, add an option to reply to messages in the forum.

EnzoFernandez 2 Nikola,

New ways for us to keep connecting to the room

Imani 2 Imani,

Create polls with the client

Arya_Stark 0 Arya_Stark,

From the Absurd to the Rediculous in quiz party.

Caoimhe 21 Marina,

New Suggestion: Activity Feed

Isaac5457 3 Aminiel,

lets have a games trading

sultanalmalky 13 Negaar,

Ninety Nine version?

Nice-2-meet-u 1 Aminiel,

suggestion to add pre-moves in cribbage

sky360 5 Aminiel,

Suggestion for Incorporating Region-Specific Time Stamps in Play Room Activities

Abhishek 19 YNWA,

Suggestion to add captcha in web client login

georgeK 10 Mortem,

Mutual friends

Caoimhe 0 Caoimhe,

a new suggestion about friends

ron_weasley 7 Negaar,

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