suggestion: more characters allowed in playroom's status.

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1. Rayo,

hello, good morning, afternoon or night, according to your time zone. As the title of the thread says, I would like to make the suggestion to increase the character limit in the status, as 90 seems to be a little bit short. Maybe 120 or something like that would work. Now we can make a clipping, removing the spaces and putting the first letter of each word in capital letters, but even when we do so many times is not enough, so… Adding this feature would be great. Thank you very much.

2. MagnumJinglebellRinger,

In addition, a little more characters on the table title would be nice as well.

3. Hermione_Granger,

yes, it would be realy nice.

4. delmar-barry,

The problem is that most people would use it for spam, I guess that's why they won't extend the limit. Would be good indeed, but due to a lot of people's childish behavyor and unnecessary spam, it won't happen.

5. Rayo,

Hello! It is true what is mentioned regarding spam, and it is really sad, because many if we are interested in having it not for annoying things, respectively. Well, I'll stay in the hope that if it could be added, or expand even if it's 15 characters.

6. Lieta,

Hi! First of all, I agree with Rayito and his suggestion. I think it would be awesome to increase the characters' limit.

And when it comes to the spammer people, well... I think we should focus on the people that actually want to behave right instead of expecting that it would be wrong just for some immature people. Apart from that, there are rules, that can be applied if it becomes necesary.

7. delmar-barry,

The biggest problem is that almost 90 percent of the people are immature, yeah, I'm looking at mainly those who love putting these juarasjuarasjuas shit and all that spammy stuff in their status, to annoy people. Extending the limit would be good only if the location of the people and their status would be reversed, so if someone attempted to spam, we wouldn't be obliged to read it through.

8. Fawaz,

You can always remove people from the list.

9. delmar-barry,

And what if they are in fact your friends, only their statuses are annoying?

10. darklover ,

then simply don't read their statusses

11. sound2,

And how would you avoid reading the status? Lets say you want to know where that person is for whatever reason. Luckally most I've seen behave themselves.

12. Lieta,

I'm sorry, but the arguments about ohohoh this person is my friend but his / her status is anoying.... I mean... If you are true friends as you say, you won't mind reading that, or at least, you will know that that person usually writes long things which you don't like so you avoid reading them. Finally, if you need to read it because you want to know where your friend is... Well... I think that won't be a kind of long, horrible thing to do. Will it?
It's really simple, indeed. I don't tink this is a proper reason for being against the improvement. Always as I see it, for sure :)

Последнее изменение Lieta, 14.04.2021 02:30:48

13. delmar-barry,

How to avoid reading someone's status if you'd like to know where the so said person is, although their location is after their status? Sorry, but that was a weak argument. I'm not against this implementation, however, it could lead to some unwanted consequences.

14. Vojvoda,

I suggested this many times, Aminiel should reverse the positions of status and people's location, then the status could be as long as you wish.

15. Lieta,

I didn‘t say you could avoid reading someone’s status if you want to know where he / she is, I said it isn’t something horrible to do. I mean... You will be able to stand it, or not? Its just a status of... what? 120 - 150 characters? How much time could your screenreader take reading it, even if it is the most anoying thing that it could be?
Or, I don’t know, if you simply dont want to read it, you could ask your friend: «hey, where are you, can I join?» or, you can, as a last resource, delete him / her of your friends list, or say that he / she does it in your place so that you keep on reading the name in the list, with the location, but without the status without the necesity of pressing ctrl w.
However, I agree with Vojvoda. Reversing the status and the location would be awesome.
And, of course, I think it would be great to increase the characters‘ limit. Even knowing I have some spammer friends.

16. YNWA,

Users in the PR create some myths. I can't see how increasing the size or decreasing the size would make more or less spammers or people writing offensive messages. Given the fact this was a request in the topic what people wanted for PR3 and it hasn't happened suggests that it won't now...

Remember the "friends list" is given that name because it is a convenient name, You can't call it "people who I am likely to play regularly list", which it really is and not a friends list with most of the people listed on them are not friends in the true meaning of the word. Some you will swap SKYPE numbers, emails and get to know more and become true friends and others you may never see that much after a couple of years.

We don't know what the messages are that are bothering the person who is complaining about them, it could be something daft or it could be very offensive. The first step if you are bothered about a message is to ask that person if they would mind taking it down as you don't like it. If they won't then you can remove them from your list or take it further with the helpers. Remember if you remove someone from your list that you can still play them. I play people who are on my list and some that are not on my list and that is the same for everybody.

17. Symphony,

a nice suggestion for qc v3. show the people in the form- person, table, status.

18. StormProductions,


I don't agree with giving up on this improvement onmy because of spammers.
There are a few solutions to that.
If you really wanna see their location and you're good friends, you can go ahead and ask him tochange their status as you can't see where they are. Or, you can add their status in the dictionary. How hard could it be?

19. Vojvoda,

My dear lord what did I just read here, tell someone to change their status so you can see where they are. Jesus Christ I hope this one was a troll. I don't see why would you not agree to change status position with the location, how could it bother you at all?

20. Aminiel,


I'm not very inclined in allowing more characters in status messages. Spam apart, it will never be long enough anyway, whatever the limit is. Be creative! The goal isn't to tell your entire life.

However, inverting location and status might be a good idea. I'll think about that closer.

21. Symphony,

thanks for the change! It isn't reflected in the friend list, though.

Последнее изменение Symphony, 16.04.2021 12:59:29

22. seawoman,

Talking about something not being included in the friends list... Not the topic to write about it but now that we are here, you can't see whether a person is your friend or not in the all online players list, only if the person is available. Either busy nor absent work. And the sent request thing is broken too. I mention in this topic because who knows, might be related, as you seem to make some things work somewhere, but then somewhere they don't work properly.
Feel free to delete my post if needed and if it's too much off topic.

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