Suggestion: Displaying sudden disconnections under the discussions channel

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1. James_Ketchup,

Hi, I was thinking, in certain games, particularly speed based games, it would be useful if one's disconnection could be shown in the discussions channel, seeing as public and private chats, as well as online and offline notifications already show up there. It would be easier to keep track of, useful if you're wondering whether the person disconnected mid-game but you missed it, and one wouldn't have to scroll through the historyto find out such information.

2. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,


3. Nikola,

I agree with this.
Right now, you can do this yourself by adding global messages to the discussion view, but as a result you will also get your history way too crowded with messages about leaving and joining tables. It would be great if messages such as X has just reconnected and Y has been suddenly disconnected were under a different channel, table messages for example.

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