A question about new Monopoly boards

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1. Nikola,

Hi there,
me and my friends wanted to submit a Serbian board for Monopoly, but before doing this, we had a couple of questions:
First of all, obviously if you are even still accepting new boards, and if so, where do you prefer them to be sent?
Second, I wanted to clarify the correct sintax for a board before starting the work, in order to make sure everything is correct.
There are some older topics I was able to find about this, like the one located at https://qcsalon.net/en/forum6/topic282
However, this topic is from 2011, and thus if you could quickly take a look and tell me if the information provided here is still relevant and exactly the same, that would be very appreciated. For example, I doubt there are still encoding issues with currency simbols, since this topic was even before Playroom switched to UTF 8. That's why I also wanted to make sure nothing changed in terms of the sintax described there.

Thanks for your answer.

2. YNWA,

There was a couple of topics on Monopoly boards I do remember something being written about, I don't know if they would have useful info on them for you.

The first is a topic that talks about not allowing themed monopoly boards Harry potter being an example. Not saying it suggests Harry Potter but it may have some info about what is wanted.

Another was the South American board lay-out was once posted and that may help you.

3. Vojvoda,

I also wanted to add that we would like to make a Belgrade board which is among the 20 official monopoly cities. I don't know how complex is the process of adding new boards but I think it would be fun to have many new boards. For example i've learned a lot of stuff from playing, when I was reading Harry Potter I knew about King's cross station from Playroom. :)

4. Aminiel,


The process hasn't changed since the posts you have seen. there's still no automated system to add new boards, and the syntax is always the same.

5. Nikola,

thanks, the board was sent using the email.
I hope it can be included. Let me know if any corrections are needed.

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