SAP program and screen readers (~LabelSolved~)

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1. Vojvoda,

I am not writing this post with a lot of hope, but those who know what SAP is, talking about the program for businesses, accounting and entering of work times etc. Do you guys know how can I use it most effectively with my screen reader NVDA, or even Jaws? It just does not seem to be really accessible although I found many articles saying that it should be.
If anyone knows, thanks for answers.

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2. Aminiel,


Unfortunately, I think we can do next to nothing against the inaccessibility of these giants.

Whenever they talk and do something about accessibility, it's only to avoid be caught by the law.
When they do something, they do only the bare minimum. They don't do it with care, and they don't actually test with screen reader users if it really works or not.

The result is, sadly, something which is technically accessible, but not practically accessible, and not at all comfortable to use.

Additionally, they exists since 25 years or so, and so have certainly a very long story of awful code, optimized for IE6 and even earlier, almost didn't evolved since then because it's very hard to upgrade a gigantic code base that does almost everything, at a time where accessibility was totally unknown.

Note that, even sighted people often say that such work management apps offer quite poor experience, even HR people.
And they continue to pay a lot for these apps nevertheless, because they have all their data stored in it and because it's also very hard for companies to switch to another product (there also aren't that many available).

At work, we don't use SAP, but another app which is as much unusable and as much a gas factory. I have no other possibility but ask other colleegues or HR to record certain thigs for me.

ON the task/project management app called Jira that we use, there is an accessibility plugin, but it costs a lot, and is far from solving everything.
So well, I ask other people for things that I can't do myself, or when it would take me one hour while it takes 5 minutes for them, and voilà.

Sorry not to bring very positive news.

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3. Vojvoda,

Oh wow, this is more discouraging that I expected, so you have some experience or you know that SAP is not really accessible? Because the SIBU, blind organization in my city told me that there is a guy who successfully uses SAP with jaws, I managed to get his contact so will check what he has to say, maybe the web version is better than the application itself. They told me that Abacus is not accessible at all and to be honest I had way more success with abacus than SAP right now, because in SAP I can't even read any treeview.
I'm currently struggling at my work to explain to the IT sector what I need and that I don't even know whether it will work, in addition I have no experience with SAP so we are all a little lost.
Btw we also use Jira for sending tickets to our ICT support.

Hopefully I can get back here with some positive news.

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4. Aminiel,


In fact mmy last experience with SAP was about 7 years ago when I was at my previous job. So we can hope that it evolved in the right direction since then.

I personally don't have much hopes, given the inercy to change of those monster companies and their general commitment about accessibility, but we could be surprised.

At the same time, I have never been very deeply into SAP. I had to use it only to check my work times and to make holiday demands, and that was it.
So maybe there are tricks that simplify it if you have to use it everyday for facturation, stock and order management or HR tasks.

In any case, good luck, and don't hesitate to share your experience, good or bad.
Don't hesitate if you have any experience with another product of the same kind, salesforce for example is another well known competitor.

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5. Gingerbread,

I didn't tried SAP, but I tried a similar ERP called ODOO. The accessibility isn't very good.

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6. Ryo-Bee,

Hey, we are still searching any information on this accessibility issue, so reviving the topic in the hope someone will have something to offer.

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7. abhishek,

you can try tally solutions, which is accessible with jaws.
not fully, but partially.
atleast you can pass entries and stuff.
i don't know its outside support, but it is widely use in india.

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8. Vojvoda,

Hello people,
I want to express my gratitude for your assistance. After a challenging five month journey, we have finally arrived at a solution. It's Disappointing to discover that a sizable company has links that are over a decade old, with half of them no longer functional. Typically, an external source generates scripts for JAWS, but in this instance, SAP took the initiative to write the script directly.
I am using the following versions:
JAWS 2023.2306.38.400
SAP Screen Reader xSRX_67-20002057
SAP GUI 7.70 PL5
The scripts should be downloaded from the following link, note that you need to have the login information, that most likely only your IT will have:
After enabling the accessibility, classical theme and scripting in the SAP GUI, it is also necessary to enable scripting on the main server.
This way, 90% of the program seems to be accessible.
This program might be crucial for some blind people at the workplace, I will definitely write a more detailed tutorial in the future, since SAP does not bother to update the articles and give more specific informations.
relieved greeting,

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