I want to learn the game of poker. I am waiting for your comments from those who know this game (~LabelDone~)

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1. caipa,

I want to learn poker. It seems to be a beautiful game. Recently, I have started to love betting games. I even learned blackjack in a very short period. Can I learn poker as well, or might it be difficult?

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2. Nikola,

Poker is not as simple as Blackjack, but it's also not very difficult.

It's actually kind of oversimplified on the Playroom (the G key will always tell you your best combination), but it would be too late to reconsider and change something like that now.

I suggest reading the rules, and then asking any specific questions you may have. Of course, nothing like playing a few games with a bot and experimenting...

Would be fun to see some other variants one day, for instance 5 cards draw Poker, but that's a different discussion.

Anyway, good luck with the game and hopefully you manage to learn it quickly.

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