New year resolutions? (~LabelCancelled~)

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1. Quintin-D,

What are your new year resolutions that you say you'll do but end up not doing? Maybe writing it out will help you work harder to achieve them but I don't think it will.

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2. gemmi,

well to be honest, I don't think so, I have any resolutions for 2024.

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3. aayushi,

to practice yoga.

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Последнее изменение aayushi, 02.01.2024 09:06:31

4. Negaar,

Maybe you should try to write it as well. What are your new year resolutions Quintin-D?

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Последнее изменение Negaar, 06.01.2024 19:19:31

5. Slavista,

My resolutions? Triing to be the same Slavek as allways, still loving krocans, drinking more beers, winning more crybbage and idk...
Happy new year all! :D

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6. Cappuccino,

Eat more Subway sandwiches, procrastinate more, Sleep more. Life is so hard, I hope I can achieve all of these.

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7. Quintin-D,

To survive

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8. GeorgeWu,

Not much resolutions for me.
And why some people are writing nonsense sometimes.

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Последнее изменение GeorgeWu, 03.01.2024 01:38:03

9. Jatayu,

Lmfao sometimes?
And good luck all with your resolutions.

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10. AlirezaDarkk,

@7, do you think you'll make it this year?

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11. Slavista,

Yesterday refused, today canceled... Hm... :D

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12. Emerald,

Cancelled? Someone gave up on 2024 lol.

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13. Hollow,

Trying to try to try. Deep down I no it won't happen though, but I'll still try trying to try to try.

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