Introduce yourself and meet new friends

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1. SheldonCooper,

I feel like playroom has become more like a place for isolated groups over the past few years, Although I agree that this is the new norm everywhere.
However, There are people, including myself, who come to playroom more for conversations than gaming.
Hopefully this topic will help us find new friends from across the world.

So, here goes my short introduction.
I am from india and I am a student of computer science and engineering.
I am also a chess player.

2. chuhiya_princess,

I am from India, I am studdying in class 10.

3. Fawaz,

Also computer science, but from Bahrain and sadly i don't play chess but into books and technology, on the side f1, soccer, movies and tv shows.
I like science in general.

4. unolover,

hi i am a uno player
from canada

5. Mastani,

Hi, first of all, this is a very good topic. So, hear goes my short intro. I'm from India and Currently studying in class 10th. I am also a Para Swimmer.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hi, my name is Sajad and I am from Iraq. I am a languages addict and a famous musician. I play fusion music on the arabic instrument called Oud, and I mix cultures altogether. Indian Raga, Arabic Maqam, Turkish Makamlar, and above all, Flamenco music. I also play the guitar and on my way to be a keyboardist.

7. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Been watching this for some time and I'm really pleased with how this is going. Ok, it's talking about ourselves time.
I'm from Greece though not significantly attached to it in any way shape or form. I'll be 20 in 13 days as of this writing. Really into Celtic stuff be it the people or the music or their languages or anything else. I used to do piano and accordion but not so much anymore. I am an avid fan of chocolate in all its forms. That's about it.

8. phoenix009,

I'm a ninth grader who loves coding and history.

9. helleon,

19, Radio Broadcasting Student, Ireland, love raving and all types of music

10. sodanisavit01,

hi all, i am savit sodani from india, i am 13 years old. i would like to ask that do we need to take science to study software engeniering?

11. phoenix009,

At least one subject in science is recommended. Without that, you will know code but not the logic of what you're writing.
For example, if you're writing code for an arduino, you'll know the software but not the logic of the calculations you need to make to make sure that the hardware works.

12. SheldonCooper,

Hi. Thank you very much for the posts, but it seems we aren't going to meet many new people through this hahaha, I know all of you who have posted so far lol.

13. chuhiya_princess,

na, I guess you should give more time for people to poast here.

14. sound2,


For isolated groups? Don't know can't say I've noticed. New normal? Not my favourite term. Anyway, my intro. I'm from south africa. Listen to all sorts of music. I like the sea. Am a bit shy. But talk when I have a lot to say, smiles.

Enjoy your day/night whenever you read this post.

15. forex,

Hello I love this topic!
anyway. I like talking with people, I love computer science! Like moovies spessialy horor moovies. I thing that

16. el_poderoso_sargeras,

Hi everyone! my name is Fernando but actually everyone knows me as fer. I'm from Argentina but I have a lot of family in england, so I really consider UK my second country.
I love, but really love languages and for that I'm studying to be a teacher of english, it's great.
I also like play audiogames and... well, some videogames, but not alwais, I'm not a fan of OCR haha.
ah, by the way, what a great discusion! this platform is nice to meet people from other countries too. I usually play games here, so if you want to play you can tell me.

17. Stella_Mccoy,

well, really I hope this topic works to help us to meet new people and maybe, friends in th e future.
I haven't been in the english comunity long time ago, really, not in the playroom forum, but in these last days I decided to start talking in the english forum too.
I am from argentina too. my name is tiziana, but many people knows me by etheliath.
I like to play audiogames, chating, continue learning english, and... well, more things.
I usually don't play a lot of games in this platform, really, I know this is a games platform, but as who said the creator of this topic, many people use this platform to chat and not, for play games, and play, and play, and play, and that's my case :P.
I hope we countinue talking here, this topic is nice haha.

18. FromUnknownReality ,

Hi. I am Samuel. I am a 10th grader who is very interrested in computer technology and is hoping for a degree in computer science in college.

19. metal_phoenyx,


This is a great thread! Please allow me to add my small contribution to it.

As some of you might already know, I live in Lyon, France. Teaching is my work, and I am passionate about anything having to do with languages, music, computers and above all, helping others. I'm the contemplative type, I'd rather sit around thinking, listening to silence or the sound of rain, rather than act hastily. I'm not sporty at all, and prefer talking to one person at a time, groups are not only tiring, but the chances of getting to know someone deeply decrease significantly. Please feel free to talk to me anytime if you feel we might get along, I always respond to both private and permanent messages.

Thanks for reading, and keep smiling!

20. MagicalKrrish,

Hey fokes, I m Krrish from the friendly Islands of Fiji! Teacher by profession and love sports in general.

21. QueenBella666,

Wow, this client is more than a decade old and we now have an introduction forum. I was wondering where such a forum has been all this time. Well here we go. I'm Bella from the USA. I'm 29 mother of an almost 6 year old son. My hobbies are playing writing my own music for piano and voice, collecting interesting items such as shells and music boxes. I write poetry as well. I'm not sure what else to say so hopefully this is a good start.

22. SheWolf,

Hey all, nice idea to introduce ourselves.
So, my name is Klara and am from small country in the very heart of Europe called Slovakia. Am currently 25, this year turning 26. By person am big introvert and very picky of friends/companions.
I prefer to have one good friend, than ten random ones which are talking just when they are bored.
I love books and am able to not sleep just to finish something good and also i like to write them. Am just ammateur, so i haven't nothing published. I love music, animals, but again am very selective of everything. I prefer silence infront of noise, library or church instead of party or disco and ya, that's it. Xd, I like to help others and listen them when their need. So shortly am a bit old school, a bit puritan a bit of basic person. smiley.
Have a nice time and stay healthy in this covid time.

23. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

I suggest that this topic become sticky just for the sake of all the super interesting folks who are inclined to write here. I feel like it's rare that a discussion is as productive and intriguing as this. Just saying. Anyway, sorry for speaking out of turn and that this post isn't an introduction.

24. SheldonCooper,

Its perfectly fine to write suggestions about this thread! :)
I agree that it should be sticky.

Последнее изменение SheldonCooper, 06.03.2021 11:41:56

25. Mmarina,

Hello everyone, I have made this topic sticky in the tea room forum.

26. SheldonCooper,

It seems there is an error. Other threads do get above this one when there is a new message there, so I think its not sticky.

27. Fawaz,

Because it is sticky in the tea room. so will be on top in tea room.

28. SheldonCooper,

Oh, right.

29. metal_phoenyx,

Thanks for having made it sticky, this topic is by far the most useful and interesting I've come across on this forum. By the way, big thanks to Soundaya for having had this idea. Last but certainly not least, I'm grateful to those who have already had the kindness to add me to their list of friends, looking forward to deeply getting to know everyone. Kind regards!

30. dishwasher,

hello everyone, I am Gaurav from India. I know many of you but I see several people I didn't know posting here as well. a wonderful topic indeed. :). as for me, I consider myself a voracious reader who likes to read anything and everything he comes across, just for the sake of reading. I am pursuing a degree in information technology-that's equivalent to the one in computer science, and I enjoy working with code as well. then there's me wanting to get to know new people and make new friends, although I am slightly reserved at times, if you drop by and say hello, you'd find that I don't bite. :)

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