Vidyadrishti is looking for people to join our team

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1. phoenix009,

Hi guys!

Who are we?
Well, Vidyadrishti is a non-profit organization, founded last year in April, that aims to turn people into better writers. We believe that writing has now seeped into every profession there is, and we want to ensure that all people, blind, deaf, sighted, whoever, become good writers.
You can read more on our site at

Now, we're looking to expand our team. You do not need to have the best qualifications, certificates, or anything of the sort. All you need is the determination to change something.

I'm writing this post because I was looking to see if anyone in this community would like to join our team.
To see the different departments you can work at, and to apply to join, you can visit
Note that we're a non-profit, and thus do not pay the people volunteering with us. We ourselves do not earn money as well.

Oh and also, even though we're an organization focussed on writing and tech, you do not need to have a great vocabulary or know a lot about tech to join. As mentioned before, all we're looking for is a determination to change something. Anything.

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