Merry christmas with the new messaging system !

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1. Aminiel,


The playroom team wishes you merry christmas, and is very happy to present you his new feature: a message system !

This new messaging feature will allow you to send messages that will be much less ephemeral than PM. The later wont nonetheless disappear, because they still remain extremely practical for quick and spontaneous communications; your inbox is an excellent complement to this, which will be very useful to send messages that should be kept, or for moments when your recipients aren't online.

Your inbox is directly accessible within the playroom client, under features and more", or "directly on the web

By default, you can only send messages to your friends. You might modify that setting and decide to accept messages from anyone by going under your privacy settings, but we discourage you to do it as you could become flooded.

It is possible to send a message to multiple recipients at the same time, up to 5. To do it, just specifiy more than one name in the corresponding field and separate them by commas or semicolons. You can also invite people to a discussion later, there could be up to 6 participants.

May this feature enjoy you a lot; make a good and fair use of it, and happy holiday season to you again.

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2. carlosbenasque ,

Perfecto, ahora sólo falta un Tiflo juego de carreras, o de más acción, y todo perfecto.

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3. Fawaz,

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.
and great work and amazing feature.
but I noticed that saying: You ahve 1 unread messages in your inbox.
I think it should be: You have.
keep it up, best wishes.

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4. Lady_Allison ,

Hola, eso está genial! ahora solo faltan otros juegos... Algo que no sea de c cartas diferente a lo que ya se tiene..

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5. LaraStardust,

hi good work
fantastic idea
keep up the good work

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6. tfoun ,

it's really useful. thank you

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7. italiano86 ,

the feature was fantastic when it was implemented, but now, i can't send any messages like that! i type the recipient, the subject, and then the message, and then when i press the send button, it just returns me to the inbox main menú but the message does not arrive! what happened with it?

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Poslednja izmena od strane italiano86 , 3 Jan 2014 11:33:49

8. rashedboromogh,

Hi, I'm Rashedur Rahaman from Bangladesh.
I'm totally blind.
Married with two kids.
47 and working in a multinational organization called HSBC at the post of receptionist.
My hobbies are: collecting new contacts on skype, chatting, practicing english, reading etc.
My skype name is: rashed.rahaman1
I'm waiting for your add requests on skype.

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9. Aminiel,

Sorry rashedboromogh but you are off topic. Please pay more attention to where you are posting next time.

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10. sweet_selena_2000,

hey, don't writes here for your skype and other information about you!

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11. italiano86 ,

agree: this person is off topic and the post should be even removed. it's what must be done... you don't go and talk about oranges where there is a conversation about elephants!

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