New playroom client, version 2.2 RC

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

Since this evening, you will be able to download a new version of the playroom client, version 2.2 RC a.k.a 2.1.96.

Warning! It's a beta version, meaning that some bugs can be still present. Unless to send us bug reports, no support will be given for this version. In other words, if something goes wrong for you, you are alone to solve your problem. IF you aren't comfortable enough with computers and if you aren't able to reinstall yourself alone a previous version in case of troubles, we strongly recommand you to don't upgrade for the moment and gently wait for the 2.2 final to be released, in a couple of days or weeks depending on bugs found.

News of this version :

  • Visual display of grids in connect4, reversi, chess and battleship; terribly awful and simplistic, but partially sighted and well sighted people will be able to play these games from now on
  • Automatic update system, which will be working for versions 2.2.x and up. The transition from current version to 2.2 will need to be done for the last time manually.
  • Different security updates
  • Bugfix for jaws 16, which was no longer detected as active screen reader
  • Bugfix for Alt+Left/Right

Download playroom client 2.1.96 here

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2. afrim,

The best feature of Playroom would be to create an App for Android and iOS. Nowadays, mobile phones, and especially phones built-in Android and iOS are taking the world by storm, and creating a playroom Ap would be the perfect job.
I suggested this only because android and iOS are actually the most famous mobile operating systems in the world.

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3. Aminiel,

I have already explained many times why I'm currently completely unable to make any iOS or androit client.

I have an iPhone, but no mac. I never have had a mac. So if I wanted to developp for iOS, I would first need to familiarize myself with OS X. A new mac isn't cheap, and more importantly, I have no time do take this challenge now.

For androit, I don't have any androit phone and never really ahve had one yet... so it's even further away.

If I had the money and were working full time for the playroom, then it would be possible; otherwise probably not before a couple of years. If I wanted to work full time for the playroom, then it has probably to become a paid platform, a couple dollars a month; this wouldn't be without consequences (how many people is ready to pay ? probably not so much, they will go to RSGames or whatever else).

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4. afrim,

Well, that's everything fine, as long as this is a non-profit platform, than we can't expect so much changes and developments. However through this time I've been on here, the job has been impressive. Indeed, less, or even nobody would be ready to pay for this platform, or even for another one.
Thank you for your reply.

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5. Fawaz,

i've installed this version, but in welcome message the version umber is different!
Welcome to the playroom, version 128 players are connected at the moment.

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6. Aminiel,

in welcome message the version umber is different!

This is normal; the number you are talking about is the version of the server.

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7. Nikk ,

I am not hear anything, i am not hear game's sounds but i hear join's sounds.

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8. Raki,

Great job!
I'll download it and try it out.
All the best.

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9. abdulrahman,


i tested the new version of the playroom: and it's good

no bugs found

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10. alex,

soon i'll test the new version

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11. aravis,

oh, i do love this idea about visualizing connect 4 and reversee grids. that should look splendid! and really, what's the trouble? one can play games of the playroom on android, there's a webclient for this purpose, isn't there?

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12. afrim,

Aravis, I think it's not the same as playing on the web client and playing through a application. Obviously, it's easier using an application, rather than a web client.

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13. denny1984,


first of all, many many and big Thanks goes to the Creators of this Gaming-Platform. A really good Job what you do here and i hope you don't will stopp your great work. I am also happy about the German Version of the Playroom and i want to know who is doing the translations for german. Can you tell me that, please? There are some Games like 1000 Miles wich is not translated. I am mostly playing on the Webclient on my iPhone and in Safari it works really super. I'm also blind and work with VO and i found a Little Bug in the Webclient. I can't create an other Password for my Account and i want to Change my Mailadresse, but there i get a Message that the Funktion to Change Mail Adresse is not availlable.

Yes it is really true that playing in an iPhone App is better than in Safari but of course it is many many work to create an App and i am happy also with this Webclient.
@ Aminiel, do you know the Forum or the Page? I don't know are you also blind or visually impaired but anyway. If you don't know that Page, check it out. There perhaps you can get Help from a User to create an iPhone App for the Playroom. I know that there are many User from the Us and what do you think about asking there for somebody if interessted in making an App or help you here in playroom? I wished i could help you but my english is not really good and deffenetly not enought for Programming and so on. ;-)

Soo against many thanks for your hard and really coool Job and have all a amazing Weekand out there :-)

Greetings from Germany!


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14. smiling_flower,

Hello! tryed downolad this latest version, but, it's not work for me!!! also, tryed from the site, it's saying, this page doesnpt exist, or something, if somebody can give me the latest version dirrectly, it will be appreciating for me!!! thanks so much!!! Wish, all the best for everybody, playroom is super platform, just do that job next time too!! Good luck, Mata Slovakia!

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15. alex,

the link is already working

try again

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16. bourne ,

I lied actually. things look fine for now.

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Poslednja izmena od strane bourne , 2 Nov 2014 06:01:37

17. Mimozavara,

Hello, it is really, really good job! I wish you all the best! I didn't find any bugs in the version. :)

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18. djfelix,

any new games in the pipe line? just recently joined and love the the choices. also some of the rules for uno and 1000miles are interesting.

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