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1. Marina,

Hello everyone,

We are aware of the important role of the English playroom, since English is the international language right now and any new users that might have questions would probably use the English server by default. Therefore, we would like to recruit more helpers to cover more hours of the day, as each of us have a different schedule and cannot be connected all day and night long.
We are looking for someone who could do the following:

  • Helping users with questions received through f4;
  • Dealing with any abusers by warning them or banning them for short if necessary, with compliance to our rules;
  • Handling reports and nickname change requests;
  • Monitoring the forum and preventing any abuses;

We need someone who:

  • Is regularly connected on the playroom;
  • Is honest, serious and can work in a team;
  • Is comfortable with computers and knows our client well, including most of its games in order to be able to help users;
  • Is a native or fluent English speaker and handles communication with people;

If you wish to apply to help us, please send an inbox message to Mmarina,Snake_eyes in your recipients in order for all of us to receive your application. Please note that we will not accept applications sent to a single helper.
You would need to introduce yourself to us briefly, tell us about your motivation to join us, and what can you do to help us. We would be also interested to hear about your reaction in the following imaginary example:
In a report John and Bob are speaking about politics. They start to disagree although the conversation was civil for the most part, but then John got really mad at a statement that Bob has done and started insulting Bob and his family.
Bob then sent us the report, but we get another report from John with the same incident, and there we can see that Bob insulted John back.
Explain the exact steps you would take to resolve this conflict.

Since we expect to receive many applications, we apologize to you in advance for not being able to answer each and every one of them. If we are interested we will reply you back, otherwise please do not write to us more asking about the progress, since this can slow our process.
Finally, please note the following:
Any application that just says, “I want to become admin” or “I want to become mod” and that’s it will be directly dismissed, our aim here is to know you more before trusting you with such a role.
Moreover, we do not guarantee that we would find the suitable candidate, hence the number of opened positions (if any) will depend entirely on the suitability of the applications we receive.

We will be receiving applications until May 31.
Thank you so much for your collaboration,

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2. Marina,

Thank you all for your submitted applications. We highly appreciate your efforts and attention you have shown towards our request.
This is just a small reminder that there are about 10 days left until the end of the recruitment, which shall conclude on the 31st of May.
Until then, we thank you once again and look forward to future collaboration.

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3. Marina,

We thank everyone who took the time to apply!
It was hard to make a decision, since we have received some interesting applications, however we have finally selected Sylphrena and The_frizbee_of_peace.
We warmly welcome them to our team and hope it's going to help more people.
Until then, have a great time with us in the Playroom.

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