A New Function Is Now Available to Send History Reports!

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1. mayya,

Hello everyone

Starting from this evening, a new function has been set enabling all players to send their history reports to admins/helpers. This function will allow you to have more credibility towards admins/helpers when you signal a bug, an abuse, or any other kind of problems which might threatten the gameroom and its players.

We highly recommend you to send us thus your history reports rather than txt files or just copying and pasting your history, because this solution remains the most practicle for you and for us to treat your problems/bugs the soonest possible.
To do that, you have just to press F9 key and select 'send history report'. You can also have access to this function via the menu 'functions and more'.



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Poslednja izmena od strane mayya, 7 Jan 2015 20:57:37

2. trol ,

Hello, i saw this a while ago, but thanks to report it!

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3. Riad,

Hi all. Thanks for this function. When I'm wishing to submit my history to the staff, it said auto report 7 and auto report 8. How can I know which one is for what? I mean how can I know if this is the right one, because I have a lot of saved histories. Please help me since I'm seeing a lot of wrong things on the English playroom and want to report them.
Best regards!

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4. mayya,

Hello Riad

Yes indeed, it was a problem of translation

Now it has been fixed and you will no longer get that


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5. Riad,

Thanks a lot. Despite the fact that I know French better than English, I like to play the last one. But even with that, I never thought this is a translation error since I haven't saw the original French one. Thanks Mayya for the help. I found myself in a big trouble when I sent the auto thing to the moderators, and the mod wasn't understanding me. I appologise from the mod I talked with, and wish you all an awesom day.

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6. Exink,

Hey, Mayya, I've a quick question: Where are sent the history reports? To an e-mail, to the connected moderators, or what place? Thanks a lot!

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7. Riad,

Hi. To the connected admin. I tried it.

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8. Exink,

Oh,I thought that the history report was sent to the e-mail, so I have sent the mine at 6.00 of here, at 1.00am in France... Lol. I would suggest to have the possibility to store the history report in the same program, so if nobody is connected we can send it later, but obviously that we can't change it.

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Poslednja izmena od strane Exink, 12 Jan 2015 17:02:10

9. mayya,

The reports are not sent to the connected Admins, but as permanent messages. So you can send them whenever you want, even very late att night. As soon as we have time, we treat them and make our comments.

Thank you


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