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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 wolfi,

Arcade tables can no longer be created

Nikola 3 Nikola,

A problem with forum subscriptions

Zelon 3 blaise,

A small zanzibar bug

majoz 2 majoz,

2 Web client bugs

Nikola 3 lucy_light,

My friend can't reply to forum posts, what is wrong? (rešeno)

marchoffmann 9 Jonathan859,

incorrect credentials error when unchecking "remember me" option on web (odbijeno)

horse 2 Aminiel,

Important sighted bug

Aminiel 2 Eduardo_sousa,

Problem With Updating To the Latest Version

vermontpaul 8 Aminiel,

Client forum: Impossible to open a topic you created (rešeno)

Nikola 3 Aminiel,

null player in reverci (u toku)

Spongebob 1 Mohammedradwan2003,

Marriages in Tysiac with the Web Client on Mac Safari

dparker 2 dparker,

Game Language Changing bug

robert 1 Nikola,

The little exam bugs and a suggestion

Nikola 7 Aminiel,

qc is crashing when send/ receive chats

James_Potter 1 Nikola,

A very small bug with fives and threes.

Mohammedradwan2003 1 Nikola,

a bug in Scrabble (smeće)

BluePhoenix 3 Aminiel,

Problem with receiving e-mails

Emrah20 2 Nikola,

Problem with conecting

Andra 2 Aminiel,

Magic blocks help file missing

Emrah20 2 Emrah20,

A bug in making dirty tricks in 1000 miles (u toku)

rockstar2013 3 ibraheemmohsen,

Golf bug (rešeno)

Emrah20 1 Nikola,

Incorrect date for older edited forum messages

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

Some topics which I've never subscribed appearing in my subscriptions (rešeno)

Zelon 5 Zelon,

A minor timer bug in the little Exam (rešeno)

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Security at Playroon

Arthas 7 Nikola,

Connection Reset bug

wesleymartin 2 wesleymartin,

Missing sounds on web client

HeadphoneJack 7 aayushi,

(solved) Citadels: d key doesn't work in the discard

HeadphoneJack 2 HeadphoneJack,

possible bug on 1000

whozitken 1 Nikola,

Strange Ninety nine behaviour with bots (rešeno)

Nikola 6 Nikola,

bug in 2048 (rešeno)

ubuntu 1 aayushi,

bug in duck racing

Elevatorguy 1 Nikola,

Inviting participants to a permanent discussion no longer works

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Statistics bugs with the new games

Nikola 2 Nikola,

I'm sensing a bug while playing with bots.

Elevatorguy 2 Elevatorguy,

Problem with subscribtion and unsubscribtion using QC gameroom software (u toku)

Emrah20 3 Nikola,

Problem with Statistics page

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Topics related to beta features are visible for everyone (rešeno)

Negaar 11 Mohammedradwan2003,

Editing a topic is now broken (rešeno)

Nikola 4 Nikola,

Two website bugs

Nikola 8 Nikola,

Forum inside the client: Caching bugs (rešeno)

Nikola 7 Naday,

Bug with duck race event/timer

CaptainLucian 0 CaptainLucian,

History Web Client Bug

ableman477 0 ableman477,

I'm sensing a bug in Cribbage.

Mohammedradwan2003 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

farkle issue

gemmi 4 Nikola,

Bug with uno sounds

Quintin-D 10 majoz,

Forum displayed in tables?

Moriarty 1 blaise,

Duck Racing: bug with frozen opponents during challenges?

Eithan 0 Eithan,

What happened with the results of this poll?

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

843 tema, 17 stranica:1  2 3 …  17 ← Vrati se nazad na listu foruma

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