Uno league season2, final list.

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31. the-raven,

guys, isnt this the reason for having a list of people for replacements? you would not have had to pick and choose from whom you might or might not want to join your league, had you chosen to replace people for good 15 minutes after the beginning of the first matches. you could easily solve the problem instead of putting people in situations where they might feel like they've been neglected.

32. randomrob,

My point exactly. you have the first 25 people who express an interest, and then a list of replacements, if necessary. Not choose who you want to play, and then put the rest in a list. It's not fair.

33. the-raven,

indeed. And if you make sure that everybody show up even if they havent been selected in the first place, the replacement wouldnt cause any trouble at all.

34. MagicalKrrish,

This isn't tournament where we can replace a player and let the tournament go on. This is a league and if a player wants to be replaced after 2 weeks just for example then it will be hard,. I think fawaz already mention that we trying a new format and structure, it is different from the previous uno league. I already gave my explainations above. and i think player (everyone) also touched on some of it. I don't hold any hard feelings against any of the player here. Go to my previous registration list and see who all got dropped. You will find the answer. Unless a player pulls out from the final list before the leagues starts then I'll find a replacement from the standby list. My humble request is that if you got to write some insults words then please message me privately and not putting here on public. I hope this will be it. I m not replying anymore till the duration of the league. so good luck all.

regards Krrish.

35. MissEstrellaVega,

Hello guys

I could not keep myself away from this discussion even though it does not touch me as I'm not taking part in the league.
First of all, all the tournaments Krish has organized were well-done and it is obvious why it got such a big popularity. However, this time there was just unclear description of the rules. Krishy, you can have in mind for the next leagues/tournaments where any certain amount of players needed and if you're not sure if the ones who have registered first would be accepted, to define that in the rules. And this would solve lots of discussions. I liked someone's point that in that way is more difficult to get into tournament to someone who is less known or has less friends. Also, we can always create a passing test to the ones who are less known to fight against each other for to get in the league. Like if you see that 12 players left and 2 spots available, you could have done a shorter contest for these spots and in that way at least everyone who have registered would get a chance.
Well, it's a pity that some suggestions or oppinion expressions were taken as insults. I don't see anything insulting in Rob's and Dianas comments though I can't read the whole discussion as not all the comments shown here on the client version. Don't take it for granded, people, it's just the game. And here people were just trying to defend the ones who were left outside this great event. But we can take from this a good lesson as i've mentioned above and to form the rules in a clear way!
And just to remind, folks, there are always a way to give a chance to the ones who desire it most. We everyone know that this community contains a great variety among different cultures, traditions, age and senssitivity. Please, try to take care of each other more. It's always easier to attack someone than to find a way for accepting, but those negative emotions pollute our nice field.
So conclusion is simple as that! Don't worry and be happy! And discussions don't really mean the fight till someone starts defending.

Cheers from Kaunas, Lithuania
Estrella de Irma
P.S. As I'm also out of the league, feel free to train your skills with me! jajajaj. I'll be glad to kick the ... of proffessionals!

36. randomrob,

I agree to the extent that the rules should be made more clear. But that's not my problem. My problem is the rule it's self. If you exclude musicLover because she did not turn up once. You should also exclude james, isa, and myself if i'd have signed up.
Even if you had the best intentions at heart, you surely must realise the way this comes across. It's still unfair.

37. policeman1,

Rob just shut it u seem to not like anything and you are the rule of the problem.

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38. randomrob,

And i'm the insulting one, enjoy the league, all.

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39. the-raven,

@policeman1 I'm sure you are aware that your comment was unneeded :-)

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40. policeman1,

Absolutely it was needed birdy.

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41. Ferrumite,

owe man, it was enough that rob is still one who's commenting, now we have a policeman in charge!

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42. Dayan ,

It was not Rob who started it, policeman, it was me and I better stay silent before I get attacked. :)

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43. Cristina,

I can not understand why none of helpers takes the right attitude and close this topic?
It became a kind of battleground and it is so, so annoying.

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44. Nikola,

I also cannot understand why it needs to be closed? Mayank came in and told us to just be civilized, and apart from a few messages it isn't really as bad as it's presented.

45. YNWA,

Unfortunately rules have not been thought out properly in many tournaments here and I don't think that will be the case in the future. You only have to read them on the forum to see. You can look at the past say 5 or more tournaments and compare the rules to see how thin many are. Having a go at people here won't solve anything so it is best to stick to the debate because it is a good one. We even have tournaments here now where even hosts change, that is bad for stability!

46. Everyone,

I think it was mostly civil until yesterday, which is sad. I did bring up a bunch of actual points, all of which seemed to be very conveniently ignored. Seems people just prefer repeating themselves over and over again. Oh well, what can you do.

47. Mayank ,

Ynwa it's good that new people come forward to host tournament. Talking about stability to this topic, you've seen the pair Organised plenty before and there's stability there in terms of the rules they make. Talking in general.

Police, totally unnecessary. All that you need to communicate do that in person if you want.

We've had the organisers come here and say there's not going to be any more responses. There's been very little on the tournament specifically in this thread. Closing the topic, everyone (not the user) feel free to create another topic for this discussion.

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