Week 2, Uno League 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

We have concluded week 1 and the points table will be posted here by Monday. We substituted few players on the list and got the new players on board and they are Flavyanu, Ecstasygirl, Waternymf and Claudiu who replaced Jscholes, Eirin, Afrim and Undertaker Respectively. So from now and onwards contact these following players for your matchs. For romanian players please contact Cristina and she will act as a mediator and communicate with them, to play their match's.

The rules will be same every week so i hope you people are already aware of the rules and if no then Please go back to the post of last week and fermilierise yourself with the rules.

These are match's of week 2:

Fawaz V Me-me.
Fawaz V trixabella666.
Fawaz V H-m-c-z.
MagicalKrrish V Yazan.
MagicalKrrish V Angelina-Princess.
MagicalKrrish V Bastabasti.
Yazan V Everyone.
Yazan V BadGirl.
Vojvoda v Guliwer.
Vojvoda V Badgirl.
Vojvoda V Keywasful.
WaterNymf V Angelina-Princess.
WaterNymf V Cristina.
Waternymf V Me-me.
Dalibor V Marina7.
Dalibor V Policeman1
Dalibor V H-M-C-Z.
Marina7 V Badgirl.
Marina7 V Cristina.
Angelina-Princess V Cristina.
Everyone V Claudiu.
Everyone V Bastabasti.
Policeman1 V Keywasfull.
Policeman1 V ecstasygirl
Keywasfull V flavyanu.
Trixabella V ecstasygirl.
Guliwer v il_bell_ragazzo.
Guliwer V Adventure-time.
Adventure-time V Flavyanu.
Hm-c-z V flavyanu.
Bastabasti V il_bell_ragazzo
Claudiu V Me-me.
Midomidomido V Ashraf
Midomidomido VAdventure-time.
Midomidomido V Claudiu.
Ashraf v il_bell_ragazzo.
Ashraf v ecstasygirl.
Policeman1 V Trixabella666.

If any queery and questions please feel free to contact me or Fawaz.

All the best.

Uno League team.

2. BellaCat6666,

Popo you are going down LOL.

3. Cristina,

Wooo, it will be a hard job for me to face those ladies, I will try my best, although I think I will still remain the proudest loser of this league! smile

4. keyWasFull,

i did not manage to finish some of my week 1 matches against hmcz and ashraf, so what do I do?

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