Round 2, Uno League, week 9, 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

We have concluded round 1 of Uno league 2017-2018. The results will be updated soon. Now we will be going into round 2, without further a due these are the match's for week 9:

Fawaz V yazan.
Fawaz V Ecstasygirl.
Fawaz V il_bell_ragazzo
Everyone V Ashraf.
MagicalKrrish vWaternymph.
MagicalKrrish v trixabella6666.
MagicalKrrish v Flavyanu.
Everyone V ecstasygirl.
Yazan V Nikola.
Yazan v Flavyanu.
Yazan v Ecstasygirl.
Me-me v midomido.
Nikola v Angelina-princess.
Nikola v Claudiu.
Waternymph v Dalibor.
Waternymph V guliwer.
Dalibor v Adventure-time.
Dalibor V Me-me.
Angelina-princess v Bastibasti.
Angelina-princess V Marina7.
Marina7 V midomidomido.
Adventure-time v Mayank.
Midomidomido v Badgirl.
Guliwer v Badgirl.
Marina7 v il_bell_ragazzo
Guliwer v Claudiu.
Everyone V Cristina.
Cristina V trixabella666.
Policeman1 V Mayank.
Keywasful v Mayank.
Keywasfull v Ashraf.
Me-me v Trixabella666.
Claudiu V Badgirl.
Keywasfull V bastabasti.
Policeman1 V Bastabasti
Policeman1 V Adventure-time.
Ashraf V Flavyanu.
Cristina v il_bell_ragazzo

If any questions or queeries please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


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2. YNWA,

Not sure I like all these weeks passing, but well done with what you have done and good luck to everybody!

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