Week 10, Uno league, 2017-2018

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1. MagicalKrrish,


here are match's for week 10:

Fawaz V Me-me.
Fawaz V trixabella666.
Fawaz V Mayank.
MagicalKrrish V Yazan.
MagicalKrrish V Angelina-Princess.
MagicalKrrish V Bastabasti.
Yazan V Everyone.
Yazan V BadGirl.
Nikola v Guliwer.
NikolaV Badgirl.
Nikola V Keywasful.
WaterNymf V Angelina-Princess.
WaterNymf V Cristina.
Waternymf V Me-me.
Dalibor V Marina7.
Dalibor V Policeman1
Dalibor V Mayank.
Marina7 V Badgirl.
Marina7 V Cristina.
Angelina-Princess V Cristina.
Everyone V Claudiu.
Everyone V Bastabasti.
Policeman1 V Keywasfull.
Policeman1 V ecstasygirl
Keywasfull V flavyanu.
Trixabella V ecstasygirl.
Guliwer v il_bell_ragazzo.
Guliwer V Adventure-time.
Adventure-time V Flavyanu.
Mayank v flavyanu.
Bastabasti V il_bell_ragazzo
Claudiu V Me-me.
Midomidomido VAdventure-time.
Midomidomido V Claudiu.
Policeman1 V Trixabella666.

Ashraf has been disqualified and he won't be playing any match's from now and on wards, therefore, no points from week 9 will be added to the points table for him.

All the best.

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2. Nikola,

LOL Krrish, you wrote Vojvoda instead of me.

3. Cristina,

True, I was wondering if did he return? smile

4. BellaCat6666,

So I don't feel like reading through all the previous form post, but remind me again if we are getting any time off because I will be leaving on Thursday for holiday and I will be gone for a week so I won't be taking my PC with me as it will be too much to pack. It would be great if me and all the rest of anyone who is traveling could have that week off or something. I will be back on the 31st of the month.

5. Fawaz,

Yes, last week of December off. we'll resume in Genuary.
Before your trips, finish your matches though :D
good luck.

6. MagicalKrrish,

yes as Fawaz mentioned and I did mentioned in the beginning that we'll have 2 weeks off to cater for Christmas and newyears, so this week is last week before the league will have a rest for 2 weeks.

so enjoy the holidays and be safe,

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance.

7. Nikola,

It would also be nice if the league participants have their privacy settings at least for private messages during the league disabled so that we can message our opponents.

8. MagicalKrrish,

who is that person?

9. Nikola,

I've saw multiple people doing it, but the most recent one is Guliwer. I believe Ashraf also but he is no longer in the league.

10. musiclover,

i can be in for ashraff

11. guliwer,

Nikola, nice joke lol hahahaha i am one most recent player:)

12. Nikola,

Which joke?

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