Monopoly Tournament - Any Interest?

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1. helleon,

Hi all,
So this is a new idea I had in which we could use the Playroom's diversity of boards to have a lot of fun. In the past we've had Uno leagues and various different tournaments with draws simulating those of World Cups etc.. Given the success of these tournaments I wondered if the idea of a Monopoly tournament might be fun. I have little interest in most sports so I won't be aiming to follow the schedule of any cup or anything, I just thought we could have people representing their preferred nations. I thought of doing a 1 on 1 format, but wondered if bigger games would be better, or would you find this a little tedious, given the length of a game? Obviously, for this to work properly, you would actually have to play against someone else who's representing your own country, so instead of team play you're aiming to become the best player in your country, and at the end, the best player in the world. I feel it best to refrain from using the 12 Nations board, simply because we won't have a particular country being represented - same goes for European board, although if people insist we may consider using this one. What is the general consensis? I know it's not a game that everyone here has the patience to play regularly, therefore I'm putting it out there before setting a date. If you could put, as well as your opinions, ideas and suggestions, your preferred board as well I'd be greateful.

2. YNWA,

Just a couple of observations.

It is not so easy to predict length of game so format is important. It is for maths reasons why I follow a sports style system. 32, 16, 8, 4 and 2 but that can depend on numbers. Do you want games with 4 players with top 2 going through or just the winner? One of the reason I like 12 nations (60 squares) as many do is because if you have 4 players it is still possible to build a complete set of properties, with 40 square boards then it is harder to buy complete sets as it is more likely someone else has what you want. Yes people can trade but sometimes it is not so easy.

I would also think about the possibility of getting a stalemate in one of the games, would you make it like snooker where if both players (could be more) agree the game is going nowhere they restart.

3. matinkh,

Hi i want participate in this tornoment

4. QueenBella666,

Give me a time and date and I'll see what I can do.

5. Aminiel,


I can advice you a few things:

Perhaps I should implement some of these options for a shorter game, what do you think ?

6. YNWA,

sounds interesting, so I would be interested to play with extra rules. I did once play with double money, it is possible to play with adding bots then getting rid when they have given you/other players all their money. Fortunately with computer Monopoly you are faster than real life Monopoly. I Do have a braille version of Monopoly but RNIB have stopped selling it now.

Time will depend on your tournament and rounds, with Spades for example some games can be long but we still managed to get through. Test games to see how long they are but even 30 minutes could be enough per game. Think about what to do if a frustrated player leaves in the middle of a game and leaves a bot as some will not want to play on if a bot is playing and not a person.

7. augma,

hi i also want to join this tournament
so right my name to

8. Lemonade,

Definitely sounds interesting!
I was unsuccessfully looking for the ability to set a round/time limit in the options, but I'm guessing you would need to do this by hand? Or am I missing something really obvious.

9. YNWA,

Everyone you have a point I should have picked up on that before. Other games we have managed ok although a Citadels tournamen looking how some have played could take a while but you can lower the number of quarters you require for that game. Maybe a timer could work but I still think it will be ok to complete games as Monopoly is played quickly here. I do think things could quicken up a bit if you could choose an option where you just select an option to destroy everything and not house by house.

10. QueenBella666,

I prefer to play the super board of 12 nations. I don't really care for any of the others.

11. helleon,

Thanks all of you for your suggestions. Ameniel, I do think those rules worth implimenting by all means, any extra varient to a game is worthwhile in my opinion. Setting a limited number of rounds might be worth considering. There seems to be a lot of interest in using the Super Board. I might consider doing that and dropping the whole nations system altogether if it's what people would prefer. @ynwa I was planning on having 4 players per team, particularly if using the 'countries' system, and yes, and yes it will eventually all end in a play-off.

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12. QueenBella666,

Please put in Jeff R, and aries names in the hat.

13. Aminiel,

I was unsuccessfully looking for the ability to set a round/time limit in the options, but I'm guessing you would need to do this by hand? Or am I missing something really obvious.

No, it currently doesn't exist for monopoly. By the way I have no idea how many rounds a typical game lasts, I have never counted in real life and the stat isn't taken. 20 ? 30 ? 50 ? 100 ? more ?

14. YNWA,

As I said previously if you have 2 players or even 4 and choose the 12 nations board which from experience most players prefer is enough and you should get most games done within 30 or 40 minutes but that will be for the host to decide. With 40 squares it is still possible to buy what your oponent needs and with more you may have issues with trading which drags the game on so leave out auctions as many do not like unless you play with 4 players.

I am concerned (yes too early to tell for this tournament) that the person proposing tournaments (UNO in mind) is leaving it far too long keeping the topic up for a couple of months with no proposed date for a tournament. If there is no date offered within a month that topic should be closed/removed as it is not nice for people thinking they will have a tournament when it is unlikely to happen for a long time, if at all. If the proposed host is not able to host it for any reason then they should say. Leaving the suggestion of a tournament for a few days by the host without reply is fine so no problem here but I just hope it is not a new trend coming to the PR.

15. phoenix009,

i will join

16. augma,

what is the date and time on which the tournament is held on?

17. helleon,

Unfortunately, I do not yet have a date and time. Given we have public interest I will announce it as soon as I have made it. @ynwa 100% spot on, but if this tournament isn't hhappening I will let everyone know.

18. StormProductions,

I'm in. Let us knoww hat's the date and time,

19. helleon,

New thread made. Please slip your names in there those who can make it and would be interested

20. QueenBella666,

The 26th is out for me, I'll be visiting family.

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