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1. YNWA,

If people have Dropbox basic they won't be able to play music via their public folder as many of us do at present as that facility ends on March 15 2017. If people have good ideas of how to stream music here using other methods i would be interested in hearing them.

2. balasana ,

Years ago I used to stream play lists via Shoutcast. If I remember correctly it involved installing a plug-in onto Winamp. A quick check of the web site appeared that the free plan now allows 5000 listeners at the same time, and has several options to make the stream happen.
I know this might not be as straight forward as DB public folder, and might or might not work here.
I will continue to look.

3. grobar ,

Hello, where did you hear this? Could you give some link?

4. YNWA,

Dropbox sent me an email. If you read their updates you will see it.

5. grobar ,

Oh ok thanks, i will check my email.

6. Cristina,

Yes, they have sent it to me too, but I did not understand what we should do to get that new possibility of playing here the music for example, as we do it now, when the public folder is not private yet.

7. basket,

From what I gathered, one can still share files, but they have to switch their links to a "shared link" which to me sounds like a total pain in the ass. I will also search for an alternative.

8. grobar ,

Hello, if i'm not wrong, the only thing they'll disable are public folders, which were already disabled on new accounts and just were there for older users however, you can stream anything from any folder at the end of the link is dl=0 and you must change the 0 to 1. Now as i said, i could be wrong as i didn't get this email.

9. YNWA,

yes it works so thanks for that

1. copy a music track to an existing Dropbox folder or place a new track in that folder. (you could create a folder called qcgmusic and just put it there.)

2. press enter on copy dropbox link. Jaws then says XXX has been copied to clipboard.

3. press control P to play music as you did before and paiste the link in the usual box but don't press enter yet.

4. Your link has a .dl0 prefix at the end so delete the 0 and replace it with a 1 and press enter. You should now be able to listen to music as you did before. Don't forget you need to do this to every track you play after March 15!

10. grobar ,

Exactly, glad it worked.

11. helleon,

weird, i have always needed to change the 0 to 1, could it be because my dropbox account is new enough?

12. grobar ,

Yes it is because of that

13. Everyone,

I did get the email and I was very annoyed when I saw it, but yes it fortunately does look like there's a fairly easy workaround. I was used to the old system though so I'll have to not forget to do it differently from now on. LOL

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