Why do our opponents need to accept abandon requests in chess?

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1. Nikola,

Hello. So, when abandoning with shift m your opponent must accept the request. I think this should be removed as I don't really see why would anyone refuse a victory. Maybe a confirmation message for you, but not for your opponent.

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2. balasana ,

agreed. BtW resign sounds so much more decent than abandon lol

3. soundarya,

Agreed. Acording to the official rules of chess one does not need to accept the other's resignation.
Yes, Resign sounds more decent and much more chess like also.
Also, it would be nice if some turms could be replaced with turms more used in the chess world, for example, what in other games is turn in chess is known as move.
For example, Its white's move.

4. The-Queen,

Yeah, agree too. And abandon is probably not the right word for it. And who wouldn't like a victory? Come on. Big Smiley.

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