I'd like to suggest a new rule for the Playroom

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1. ckimnbay,

Hi. I'd like to suggest that there be a rule against intentionally kicking someone out of a table. I can usually play pretty fast, although I'm totally blind. I'm not referring to those who kick people for playing too slow. I'm talking about those who kick folks just because they don't want them at their table. There's a setting where you can restrict your tables to only those who are on your friends list. OK, if someone accidentally kicks me, when they meant to kick out a bot, that's one thing. If you don't want me at your table, why not tell me so and let me leave on my own? I don't stay where I'm not welcome.

2. Kotoamatsukami,

Can I ask how old are you?

3. YNWA,

What is intentional? How is this proven? It is all very well asking for something when you are frustrated but how does it work in reality.

4. Everyone,

There's no point in creating rules that can't be enforced. Determining whether someone has a good reason for kicking you or not is frankly a waste of time which can be much better spent on other things.

5. ckimnbay,

I'm 45 years old. OK, maybe I was being a little frustrated, to the point of being childish. I realize that if such a rule about kicking folks from tables for no reason were implemented, there'd be no way to enforce it. It's obvious this person either meant to kick a bot or possibly didn't want me in their table. I can accept that. I'm not exactly saying that someone has to let me join a game. If it sounds like that was what I was implying, then I apologize. It has occurred to me that maybe this person wanted to make the table private, and they either didn't know about the control-H keystroke, or they just didn't want a human player. Please forgive me if I went overboard. I was just a little frustrated.

6. majoz,

Hey, It's really understandable how you feel, at least I can understand that. It happened to me for a couple of times too, and it's very impolite from the people who do this. What I don't get is why even on the forum some people have to be this aggressive, not even greeting and asking about your age. That's not really a good way to start a conversation that has a level, is it? :D Well anyway, I pointed what I wanted to say out. It is because many people here don't know enough english to politely ask for you to leave their table, which is a sad fact. But I don't think there shall be a rule for this, as it could be easily used for abusing.

7. Nikola,

There will always be such people, in any game. Crazy party, RS games, whatever has any kind of human interaction will have polite players and not so polite ones. That's the real world. You just have to find find a group of players which suit your taste and with who you like playing. There are people who either do not speak English or just want to play with their friends and forget to make the table private so just kick you. No official rule is there against it and it's quite understandable. There however are tools you can use yourself. You can always remember such people for the future. Maybe don't block them the first time as you yourself say it was maybe by mistake, but if it keeps happening you know with who to avoid playing.

8. ckimnbay,

Thanks for understanding. When that person asked about my age, that kind of raised a red flag with me, too. It's not that I mind telling people my age, but that my age wasn't relevant to what I was discussing. I was really starting to think that someone asked that, because I appeared to be childish to them. Thank God for understanding people is all I can say.

9. Dayan,

Fully agree with you, @majoz and @ckimnbay. I find really not polite someone asking for your age just so, without any reason. That it appeared to be childish for the one who asked it? Well, maybe we shall start asking about his age also in every thing he posts that doesn't seem right to me. :D But anyway, that's not how problems get solved. About the rule, if there would be just a way to add it, and make it be fair, I would agree with it. Since there doesn't seem to be any way, must say not to this, although it is very sad to be kicked just without a reason. One never knows if they dislike you, or if they did not mean to be so rude, or if they forgot to make it private or whatever, but still it's not very nice to get kicked just for nothing. I myself experienced it quite a few times also.

10. Pran,

I've faced these kinds of things. Also, how do we set the table so that only friends can join?

11. Nikola,

If you go to options by pressing f10, and then choose privacy, you will find an option called who can join my public tables. Press enter on it to change it to my friends only.

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12. musiclover,

i still deel with that on here and i dont think that it is right

13. Dayan,

It is. I'll show you how, @musiclover

14. musiclover,

no its rood to kikk some one out off a tableun less there slow

15. facelessghost,

Hello everybody!
I would like to add a set of rules for all messages for which a person will be limited to:

  1. go to the game room ,,
  2. or write to chat.
  3. This is due to the fact that many people, where there is no administration or administration for some technical or purely physical abilities do not have the time or strength to follow, rather unpleasant things are happening there for malicious violators.
    for example
    Flood in the main room.
    In some reports, they will not punish them at all.
    I saw a man who was so disgraceful, but he was left without punishment.
    Or a flutter and organized disruption of games involving other players.
    It is also expressed in the same non-ethical actions.
    All that can be done in such cases is either:
  4. Of course, it is natural to limit access to chat to a complaint about the creation of a not comfortable game on the server.
  5. At least in the main room and in private messages.
  6. Particularly ardent offenders who generally show malicious violations
  7. they slander and insult people from other reports, distort their native languages, and insult their cultural and national values ​​should be blocked.
    This is especially true for the Russian-speaking statement and for some more.
    Yes, you can block games and everything will be fine, but how can you protect newbies from these players who play for the first time in the game room and not at all familiar with the possibilities of the black list?
    Paying attention!
    I do not in any way want to force, insult or humiliate anyone.
    This is a better idea for improvement in the game room.
    I hope for your understanding and response to this post!
    I am for cultural games and respect for other participants, regardless of their nationality and language.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

16. Nikola,

I'm not sure to fully understand your message since it seems that you are using a translator, but I will try to address what I understood. Effectively, there is no administration in Russian. You can always check the complete Playroom team at https://qcsalon.net/en/staff
this is the only official page. This means that if somebody insults on the Russian server, there is not much to be done simply because the main administrators do not speak the language and can't know what happened or if the report is right. If I understood right, you are suggesting limiting chats to players who have been reported. This would be to easy. You don't like somebody, you can just report him and he cannot chat anymore. Ideal solution is of course human helpers to check history reports. Perhaps a system can be introduced where if somebody gets 5 reports the chat is limited for a certain period, but thinking deeper about that even that can be abused, you just need a few friends.

17. YNWA,

Aminiel can stop people sending messages to the main room in the Russian part as he did in the English part.

18. Nikola,

Of course. I will say however that in the English part are way bigger main room issues than in Russian. If it ends up being very spammy then yes, but in my opinion it's a shame that it had to be done even in English and I would not encourage that. Main room chat can be very nice, if people could stop abusing it in English.

19. Jane,

Today I faced this problem as well, I got kicked for no reason at all and I don't mean to say this has to be a copy of RSGames but it would be nice if we could set a password to our tables, at least, only the people with that password could come in. True, this already is present here, since when you make the table private and then invite someone, only that person can join, but I believe this could be a way to prevent a bit more the kicking out of tables.

20. Everyone,

There are two ways to do this, since its also possible to set your account to where people can only join you if they are on your friends list. I don't think a password system will make much of a difference.

21. Kotoamatsukami,

I think kicking people out of the tables should be strictly prohibited, and people who do that should get a ban of 19000 days or more

22. The-Chaos,

kicking people out of tables without no reason. some people get a perverse sense of superiority while doing that, it seems.

23. Jane,

@Pavkov I don't want to use strong words against all you have commented on this post, but please, if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything at all!
And about this post, personally I don't mind being kicked out of a table, but sometimes it might seem very rude to others, and people may feel refused when this happens. I mean, one never knows if people are refused wherever they are at, and then coming and feeling refused for others is not exactly the best way of getting better emotionally... I know of people who have problems at home and then they go to other places to feel better, of course, they won't get any better if they are excluded, but that is another topic to discuss about.

24. facelessghost,

A good option in order to limit the number of throws from gaming tables.
You can do so.
Prohibit throwing all players out of the table to all players if they play.
If they interfere and write any nonsense to the general chat, then you need to make an option to disable the chat for a specific participant for a period, or until the game is played, or until the organizer leaves or closes the table.
Alternatively, you can prohibit chat in specific tables, but again this is optional, which is not yet supported in the game room.
Now a few words about what you offer.
Those who throw other participants out of their games for no apparent reason are doing very badly.
You just can not play with them.
And if a person just behaves badly and throws them out of the games, does not finish playing, insults, and in general he does not behave adequately. just report these players to moderation and game room administration.

25. Kotoamatsukami,

I like strong words come on bring them

26. Jane,

Won't fall into provocations, I only said what I think.

27. Kotoamatsukami,

And I said what I think and you fall in to provocation, you blind people can't get that if you kick someone from the table it doesn't mean that you died or really got your ass kicked. This is only internet, virtual things, you were kicked from a game, go join another game what the hell are you saying and about what exactly are you complaining?
Why? Why and why do you get hurt if someone doesn't want you at the table, maybe I forgot to make the table private and a random guy joins me, I will not ask him hey please can you leave I wanted to play only with a bot or my friend, I will take the much quicker way and kick that person out of the table, of course if that person is not familiar. Let's growe up and make your virtual lives better, with less stress

28. YNWA,

So much for Christmas spirit!

29. Dayan,

@YNWA so true! :D
As for you @Pavkov if I am not wrong @Jane said she personally has no problems with that?

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