one offer about mexican train, fixing You have a playable domino in your hand, you aren't allowed to draw.

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1. tiny,

i really hope we can play the game like before because that was a great strategy (you can call it cheat) like we are allowed in dominos, it did have lots of fun and lots of excitement in it, please let us do it or at least don't kill that option completely. it did have lots of benefits such as, killing our opponent strategy with forcing him to play some dominos. it did make the game more confuse to win. even if you don't like it because you call it cheat ok but some others like it i know it can be a risk too but anyway we'd better let people to do it if they want. such as uno we have allow bluffs? or games like yahtzee, which we can enable non-standard groups

2. Everyone,

I'm inclined to agree. Perhaps official rules say this is not allowed, but let us have the option, at least.

3. aarraazz,

tiny is righte. u should have chose to play or not

4. najva,

i agree with tiny, now the game manages with just luck, but it's better strategy manages the game

5. Dayan,

I think I agree... I have my doubts but strategy is certainly better than just luck.

6. tiny,

yeah you are all right, i still can't handle why this limitation happened to this game it seems many people here can't play the game on that way which i tried to explain a little because that's too hard they just want to win by luck and a little think. they don't even need to think too much about their chained numbers, they can just press space and if they saw that message then they can look for their playable numbers, haha. so now they are happy because the game became so easier to play and so simple. but alas, this game was the one of hardest mental game ever..

7. Aminiel,


The rules say that, indeed, you aren't allowed to draw if you can play.

However, I can also understand that the previous variant could be interesting. I think I will add an option to say whether or not you allow drawing when you can play.

8. tiny,

hi, o that will be very interesting, so thanks a lot! one of other benefits of this option is, you can even decide open your train on which number, open your train safely! so that can be another great variant of this game. even for example, your opponent train number is 11, he doesn't have, now you want even try to prevent him from getting an 11, you can plan to play a double, and then space. maybe you get 11 first! or, you make the public train 11, then if you get an 11 after making and removing double (this time maybe your train double), you can play that 11 piece there then we will need another 11 :D and this is really nice challenge and makes the game very mental! that was good news, i surprised a lot

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9. Aminiel,

You have now an option to choose whether or not you allow drawing when you have a playable piece.

10. Dayan,

This seems to work the same for me. I mean, without the option.

11. Adventure-Time,

Yay. Thanks for implementing the option. Quite frankly I doubt it really expands the room for strategy this much, because you'Re likely to draw something that doesn't fit your needs most of the time. But maybe I'm just missing something. And nothing against having multiple options to choose from.

12. tiny,

so great!thanks again. and well, maybe but we have special draw times. you can play most of your pieces because of making chain, so you don't miss anything with more draws. and, you plan to play a double and then your opponent will be force to draw sometimes. however it's a really enjoyable challenge whether or not you get what when your drawing. and, sometimes if you force your opponent to play something in your train, you can continue make your own chain. i mean when you don't have much good pieces to continue playing in your train. and, also you can unable your opponent to play their pieces in public train. so, you can see lots of strategies here. so yeah i told some of other benefits too d. +i bet, you'll think you need some more draws, even if you don't like to draw more because you'll see that you have more possibilities to manage the game as good as you want.

13. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, I didn't wish to create a new thread, so I'm posting the following in the current one: I don't know whether this has been fixed or not, but if you're playing with four players (namely you versus three bots for example) and one of them loses, the game continues but their train is still vissible in the list and it's obviously unosable.

Kind regards and thanks!

14. YNWA,

Did send an error report about that but not sure either.

15. Aminiel,

if you're playing with four players (namely you versus three bots for example) and one of them loses, the game continues but their train is still vissible in the list and it's obviously unosable.

This should normally have been fixed, let me know if it isn't the case.

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16. Nikola,

There's also another minor thing you might want to know: The title of the dialog for typing a score limit is Dominos instead of Mexican train.

17. Saniel_Morse,

Yeah I was about to comment that little detail which I thought it might have little importance, but here you have it. Thanks to the previous poster. I couldn't have reproduced the previous bug since I lost then I tried it, sorry. :D

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