Proposal for improvement in the calculation of points in the game Citadels.

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1. facelessghost,

Hello everyone!
Before I make a game proposal, I want to immediately emphasize that this is my personal opinion, and I do not want to offend or change anyone in the established traditions of the game room.
The proposal is that when declaring a victory in this game, it is not only the number of districts that are taken into account, but also the total total points of the games for the constructed districts.
Now, unfortunately, or perhaps only the number of built areas is taken into account. and even if you have 1 less districts and more points, then the victory will not be awarded to you.
This function must be optional.
Unfortunately, in the rules, there is no information about this.
But it seems to me that people who liked this game have already noticed that it is not a lot of foolish to consider only the number of built areas in the gamer.
There are those who have built a little less than a few districts, but by the sum of points, he stepped forward.
What do you think about this?
I want to hear your comments!
Thanks in advance for the complete answer.

2. Aminiel,


Currently, the winner is the person with the greatest number of points, not the greatest number of quarters. The number of quarters is only used to tie.

So I'm not sure to well understand your proposition.

3. facelessghost,

I recently played this wonderful game.
and built 8 districts.
The game has been set 9 areas in the quality of the border.
we were played by 5 people.
one built 9 districts and won. But I won on points.
And the victory was credited to him as he agreed to the rules, he built the necessary number of districts, but did not exceed my points.
I understand that the rules say that a person who has built a given number of districts must win, but why do he need glasses, why should they be taken into account when building the district?
If they in general do not introduce to the result?
The option would allow to fix such non-matching.
And with its inclusion, the victory would be awarded to two people:

  1. to the person who builds the established number of districts,
  2. and the one who scores more points for the current game, even with fewer areas.
  3. Sorry, but maybe I could be wrong and something confused, if anything, correct me.
    Unfortunately, I can not provide you with technical evidence, because I do not know how to do it.
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

4. Nikola,

The main thing is always the number of points. However, I could be wrong on the exact numbers here so Aminiel can correct me if there is a need, but here are some things you must keep in mind:
If the number of quarters to end the game is set to 8, and you are the first to build the 8th quarter, you get 4 additional points.
Each person building the 8th quarter after that gets 2 bonus points and not 4.
If you build more than 8, for each additional quarter you get a point, and thus if you take the architect on the last turn you can get more points.
If I understood your message, you don't like that there are points. In my opinion that would make the game very easy. What would be the difference between a person building a prestigious quarter and you building a simple watchtower? He needs more money to build his quarter, and thus gets more points.

5. Aminiel,

Exact, you must take the bonus into account.

There is also a misunderstanding about the rules: it is written that the player who build his 8th quarter terminates the game but doesn't necessarily win the game. Here is all the difference. So, if you aren't going to win, you'd better don't build your final quarter right now.

6. Kotoamatsukami,

if a winner would be someone with more quarters then you could easily build quarters of 1 or 2 gold take the victory and no fun.

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