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1. YNWA,

I am proposing that text in the main room is automatically set to off so people don't hear all the chat when they enter the main room or are waiting for a game. a number of people say when they first come here there is too much Jaws chatter and that can be off-putting when you are unfamiliar with the Pr. Some have had issues with turning it off as they have said in some of their messages here recently. If people really want it of course they can turn it on again.

2. Nikola,

It's not so hard to turn off, though I do think Playroom needs a good FAQ file. I was working on that but never finished it, that would help newbies quite a bit and obviously this would be one of the things addressed in there. You just have to turn off speaking of global messages from reading and appearance settings. I would personally not have that off by default as it will also turn off when somebody disconnected and reconnected and new users would probably want to be notified of that.

3. tiny,

@nikola the easy way for that is checking them by page up and down, without going checking history with tab or the other short key i forgot. but first you need to press ctrl page down then.

4. Nikola,

I know about that. Was just talking about eha automatic reading as you wont be checking each time if somebody got disconnected.

5. YNWA,

You don't always find out if someone has disconnected that way either and not everybody disconnects and I am sure if they get no response after a certain amount of time they cdan work it out for themselves. I know one of the biggest things that discourages people from staying in the PR at the start is the chat messages and it is not easy for everybody.

6. fire-starter,

to be honest i think this is a good idea. I, myself didn't find out how to turn those messages off after a while so I think it would be a good idea

7. Kotoamatsukami,

When I firstly came to playroom I had the same problem, didn't know how to turn it off so this might be a good idea.

8. Dayan,

I took maybe a year to know it was possible. Also this reminds me of adding some sound for whenever someone suddenly disconnects or propposes an audio stream, would be really useful.

9. YNWA,

those 2 suggestions would help too

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