Adding some new helpers

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1. Basti,

I proposed request for nickname change but nothing came even after 72 hours, don't know exactly how long passed but it's already more than 4 days for sure. I wanted to change from Bastibasti to Basti so for sure my nickname is not breaking any rule. I know that Marina7 is the only available and working helper on here and can't be enough for such a big platform.
On my example Aminiel can see what problems this causes. I won't cry because I need to change my nickname but I am only showing you that only Marina can not work effectively and quickly.
I am suggesting Aminiel to try finding more helpers so he can make Playroom even more awesome than it is now.

Wish you all a good day

2. Dayan,

Well, I can't disagree with this post at all. Probably also needs of someone who is active when Marina isn't, or when she's sleeping, as we know she can't take care of playroom all the time. No, don't take me wrong, I simply mean that she has got her things so she has to first care about them than of some gaming platform. The helpers Basket and Mayya seem to not show up for quite some time, but I might be wrong also.

3. Kotoamatsukami,

I have no idea if you can call them helpers anymore.

4. Nikola,

What I am about to say is just my opinion, but I personally find the rule of nickname approvals unneeded and one just adding extra work for helpers. What does it prevent, offensive nicknames? Alright, and what prevents somebody from just creating a new account with an offensive nickname? Moreover, a helper cannot speak each possible language in the world, and thus will have no idea what somebody in another language is writing. In fact, in my opinion if somebody wants to insult they are more likely to create a different account than to possibly lose their reputation by changing their nickname. Personally, I do think the nickname changes should be immediately applied and it should be common sense that your nickname should conform to the playroom's rules. For ones who don't, they should be treated the same way a new account would be if it had an inappropriate nickname.

5. Fawaz,

Agreed, Nikola.

6. Dayan,

I also agree.

7. YNWA,

It is not as if offensive usernames have been stopped using this method. (rear-love) is one example where a username has not been either removed or helpers haven't even noticed. For those that don't understand because of language barriers, "loving someone's behind/backside" is what it means and I don't need to say more.

8. Dayan,

He ment to write real love I believe. There's I think some real_love, reallove and this rear love.

9. facelessghost,

Yes, this problem is very relevant for the game room.
and if not all communities play a lot of games, but if you count the game room team and the total number of players in the whole game room, it will be a huge burden on the game room team.
only assistants can help in solving this problem.

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