Functions that you want to see in the game room.

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1. facelessghost,

There is a proposal for a game room.
Please make a voice chat in the game room.
At least the easiest. It can be done even without saving the history of correspondence to a file.
For a room as large as QuentinC's Gameroom, this would be a good addition to text chat.
I understand that the implementation of the idea takes time and great effort, but it is worth it!
Please write in this thread everything you think about it.
I also really want to see the "polls" function in the game room, which could be carried out for example by tournament organizers and other participants, including manuals.
By the way, this can very much help the room management when collecting information about problems.
For example, a survey on the topic "What games do you want to see in the game room?"
or "What is your favorite feature to be in the game room?"
Thanks in advance for the support and implementation of the idea.
The text was compiled with the help of machine translation systems. Sorry for my terrible English.

2. musiclover,

i t would be cool if thay could voice chat

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