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1. YNWA,

It is anoying getting random invites from people who I can't reply to them as I am not on there friends list telling them to stop sending me invites, It is annoying working on Quiz Party and receiving invites from people because they see my status as available because officially I am not in a game. As Quiz party requires you to start a game this cannot be changed. I think the best solution is to block people who do it more than once.

2. Nikola,

There is a setting allowing you to receive invitations from your friends only. I cannot even understand what is so annoying about it. Just one message with a sound, can easily be ignored

3. YNWA,

True about the settings, just annoyed with random people, you get so much of this here these days. Also annoyed that you can't reply to a person who has sent you an invite, don't understand the logic of it.

4. Everyone,

I don't know if auto blocking is such a good idea, but I do agree with YNWA's general opinion on this. My goal is not to isolate the people who are set to friends only from the rest of the community, but it happens pretty often that I get invited to a table and I can't respond to the person. Or, sometimes something goes wrong where ctrl+j no longer works, but the table is still public and open so I try to join anyway... Only to discover that I can't!

Perhaps make it so that inviting someone to your table allows them to temporarily send you messages and join your table on their own? Logging out of the playroom could clear that temporary list.

5. Nikola,

Ah I see, you are trying to respond to an invitation. In this case, how do you like this idea? Let's say I invite YNWA to a game. He has 2 options: Press ctrl j to join (already available), or press ctrl shift j to refuse the invitation. In this case, he would be given an input box to type his reason for refusing so it can be something like busy with quiz party work right now. This would add another benefit. Currently you can invite only 4 people until somebody accepts your invitation. However, if somebody acknowledges they wont join you by refusing the invitation, you can invite another player instead of waiting.

6. Kotoamatsukami,

control shift j sounds awesome, though reason for refusing is not really needed.

7. Nikola,

I say that too but people have said they wanted to respond to an invitation here. I would allow the reason to just be empty and that way it would be optional.

8. YNWA,

Yesterday it was a person at a free table that sent the invite which I was unable to respond with a PM as they had a setting where they could send an invite but you are unable to respond to them. I know there are a number of people like this who just send invites to whoever they can, create another free table and do the whole procedure over and over again until they find a person who wants to chat to them. I agree @everyone that it is not good to just ban people for it.

I like the idea where you could effectively send invites back because sometimes you can send them and for what ever reason they don't get it. I think that if someone sends you a PM/Invite then you should be able to automatically reply. If you don't wish to speak to a person then don't sendan invite/PM.

9. Kotoamatsukami,

To be honest such people I would block immediately. In my opinion person who would invite random people at a free table to chat can't be the type of person I'd talk to. But it's just my taste for friends.

10. Cristina,

I simply do not care.
I also get a lot of invitations or requests to add them to my list and I keep ignoring those.
I delete those invitations and over.
I do not pay more attention than this.
I do not bother myself with such things :D

11. tiny,

it's not the case, i think the problem is, you can't get some invitations off. then i think they should just enable a switching option then you can make your invitations only friend for those moments and switch it back when you want get some invitations again. because i know most people here want to get some invitations sometimes, for playing. the problem is you can't enable the only friend option and disable it as quick as you want.

12. YNWA,

It is called communication, ask if the person wants to join you first, if they say yes then send invite.

13. Nikola,

An invitation is precisely that, asking you if you want to join or no. It's a bit absurd to ask somebody if you should invite them in my opinion.

14. YNWA,

If you take UNO or Spades where you have only 4 players there is no point in just randomly inviting people who you think may join only to find one person has joined you. You say want uno and if they reply then you send an invite. Done that many times, quick to write and easier to do. Don't forget for some reason if you have the table open they may ignore your invite and just join. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

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