bad bots, i'd like them to play well

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1. tiny,

hi,here's an example on yahtzee at the beginning of the game, Computer rifik throws the dice: 1 3 4 4 4, Computer rifik scores 16 points in the category Three of a kind.. (!) in som games they play better like cribbage now you send other games where bots can't play good. i don't have time to check and send all of them, hopefully bots can play better soon

2. YNWA,

Just maybe Bots think they could get better humans as players too! You should read the Bots forum, some really angry comments there.

Why don't humans complete games when they only play with bots?
Why do humans replace a bot when humans come to the table?
Why don't humans leave bots as spectators when the friendly bot has been replaced by a human, not fair to be kicked.
Not all humans are good at games so don't expect all bots to be good either!

3. Aminiel,

I know that the level of the bots can greatly vary depending on the game. Several things can explain it:

I perfectly know that bots are much better in certain games than in others. I'm trying to do my best.
I especially know that they are quite bad in trick-taking games for example.

Note that perfect bots aren't cool for players either. They can be frustrating. Bots must always leave you a chance to win.

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4. Nikola,

My only request with bots is if their speed could be increased. In some games, for example farkle or shut the boxes they play really slow. More annoying however is in monopoly. When rolling their dice at the beginning of each turn, bots take about 5 seconds to do it. I don't think it was that slow before. When it comes to their skills, I would not make them too good unless difficulty levels are added. People should keep in mind that whenever learning new games. When you are familiar with a game you can easily forget how hard that game was to learn properly.

5. musiclover,

i agree in uno thay need to be sped

6. tiny,

@ynwa all people who has learned the game well, are good. and, about chance, i think we have a chance to win even they play so hard. anyway. but thanks for your comments and specially from admin i know he tries to do his best

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7. StormProductions,

Agreed with speeding up the bot on Monopoly, Farkle and other games.

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