Virtual money for QuentinC's Gameroom

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1. StormProductions,


Recently I was thinking about a new idea for playroom.

How about making some kind of virtual money for it? For example, there is a game made by Russians called OnToys, and there you have the virtual money called toyses, which you can use to play games with. You can win them by buying them (this way Playroom could get some money out of this project), or by winning games, or if you have 0 you could request from players and they could give you.

Waiting to see your ideas about this.

2. CathyAnne,

Well, that is a fantastic idea, however, how would they possibly do that> I know that RS has chips that are vertual.

3. Kotoamatsukami,

I agree and would like to see something similar here, but unfortunately I suppose Aminiel is against this.
This would motivate me to play more often instead of using pr as a social network only, without such thing every game becomes quickly boring for me. On Ontoys I played 1000 miles even if I hate that games, but toyses were my motivation.

4. StormProductions,

Yes. That's exactly what I meant. If Aminiel will make some sort of virtual money for this project, it would motivate even more people to play and would make them unable to stop playing, and wanna play and earn money, and play and play and so on.

5. YNWA,

You can't offer PR money as there are u18s around and it would be regarded as gambleing and the PR would not be licenced for that kind of thing, unless, it was registered as a charity and the money went back to the PR. I have know idea if the PR is registered as a charity.

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6. Adventure-Time,

Personally I don't like this idea. I find these virtual money unnecessary and don't see any reason why should someone replace their real money for a virtual currency. They have their place at Ontoys and it makes the gaming platform unique among others. I would just keep it that way.

7. facelessghost,

Hello to all and you, The-Architect!
Fully agree with the latest post by The-Architect!
QuentinC's Gameroom is a popular game server and these units are not needed here!
ontoys remain and will be unequaled.
because of the very idea and the action of toys as its conventional units.
The only thing in the game room that doesn’t make me feel better is the fact that
that they have 1 way to donate through the payment system
You can enter payment systems that are popular.
No, I do not ask yandex, or https: // qiwi
At least https: // payeer and webmoney.
These services will be enough.
and% transfer fee for donations less than paypal

8. Purebeat,

Agreed with ARchitect...

9. Everyone,

I too am against this idea, for similar reasons as have already been given.

10. helleon,

Wouldn't be for the idea either, but I'm interested in Ynwa's above post. I doubt such things are highly regulated, All in Play got away with it didn't they? There weren't many under 18's on it but they did exist

11. Nikola,

All in play was subscription based, so not really gamlbing. However, I do believe these laws that if they do exist, they might be country specific. Usually developers just write a licence agreement basically removing their responsibility.

12. facelessghost,

This is not illegal and the unit may be!
But personally, in my opinion, I would even if I imagine that they suddenly appear,
could not pay them.
Since there is only one method of payment via paypal.

13. StormProductions,

Regardıng PayPal payment methodö they could add credıt card and some other servıces such as WebMoneyö Yandex Money or Qıwıç

14. Pran,

Hey I agree with the virtual money. Would be fun

15. YNWA,

You have it in monopoly and that is enough.

16. Kotoamatsukami,

Very good argument.

17. facelessghost,

In any case, additional payment systems for donations in QuentinC's Gameroom will not interfere!

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