Additional payment system for the game room.

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1. facelessghost,

I want to argue my point of view in more detail why I believe that QuentinC's Gameroom needs other payment systems to paypal.
paypal is a fast and really secure payment method, but unlike the payment system, which will be discussed,% that paypal takes is very large.
if someone donates funds to the game room, for each successful payment, paypal will take a large enough%.
The following system could complement the game room:
This system has a long account verification process, but the commissions for payments for users are minimal.
0.3 and 0.4%.
sometimes 0.5%
this is much lower than in paypal while paypal is even lagging behind webmoney.
This payment system is suitable for everyone, as it supports the main languages ​​spoken by users in the game room.
Additional Information.
WebMoney has expanded replenishment methods in Europe and Asia.
Now your wallets in the WebMoney system can be replenished in France, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Peru. This opens up new horizons for travelers and freelancers, and also gives businessmen in the field of e-commerce access to new markets.
New features have become available thanks to the updated service "WebMoney Top-up". With its help, a participant in the system can easily select the optimal method of replenishment, using filters to select the country, speed and option for entering money.
In Europe, you can replenish WME wallets with prepaid Neosurf and Neocash cards (1% commission), as well as through online banking Sofort banking (2.5% commission).
It is worth noting that the French NeoSurf system is widely available outside of France - in Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, as well as in many African countries. Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows you to shop online and exists in denominations from 10 to 100 euros. NeoSurf prepaid cards are distributed through thousands of outlets - cafes, tobacco shops, communication shops - therefore, it’s not difficult to buy a card and replenish your account with WebMoney. Cards contain a ten-digit pincode, entering which you activate the card. Please note that the card can be used within 6 months after activation, and the balance from one card can be transferred to a new one.
In Asia, you can replenish WebMoney through the largest Malaysian and Thai banks - it is even easier to open your account in them than in Russian banks. In addition, WMZ-wallet in Thailand can be replenished in cash through the network 7-Eleven (commission 4.5%), which consists of more than 7,000 restaurants. Note that the 7-Eleven network is a Japanese company that operates not only in Thailand, but also in many other countries - for example, in Mexico (Transferencia bank - 3% commission, Dinero Mail - 5% commission).
In Argentina, you can replenish WMZ wallet through Pago Facil, Rapipago, Bapro and CobroExpress networks, which together account for about twenty thousand points throughout the country. In Brazil, using Boleto Bancario coupons (there is a limit of $ 3,000 per user per month).
If you or your clients suddenly found themselves in Colombia with cash, then, in this case, WebMoney has the opportunity to replenish WMZ wallets through the Via Baloto distribution network. Non-cash transfers can be made through the online banking of many Colombian banks.
This payment system will add paypal to significantly expand opportunities for those who for some reason do not use paypal as a payment system, but wish to donate their money to the game room.
The system is multilingual, and is available in several languages.
Thank you all for your attention!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Happiness to all, health, and all the benefits that you want.
Regards to you, facelessghost.

2. helleon,

I believe many, myself included, hold PayPal in very high regard and trust it more than most. How many systems does the Playroom really need in order to take donations?

3. YNWA,

I don't know how many people donate to the PR but it is unlikely to be a huge number so no real financial gain to change systems.

4. Nikola,

Well, there should be no loss either so it's only an additional gain. In any case I don't think he talked about changing the system, but having an additional one.

5. facelessghost,

And I do not ask you to change the payment system.
Just add at least one more.
That was an alternative to paypal.

6. YNWA,

That would be up to Aminiel but I am not sure there would be a big demand and some payment methods have additional costs associated to get the ball rolling.

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