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1. CathyAnne,

It certainly would be nice if we could add a feature like
rs where you added Christmas games onto the Play Roomeach year. Would you please try>

2. Nikola,

We got 2 games this year. The date doesn't matter, but their quality sure does. Compared to RS, Playroom's games were just amazing. I know I will play new games on RS maybe once in a year.

3. YNWA,

I don't think it is a good idea saying games/features should come out during a specific period because it can lead to more bugs/errors. If there was a time then January 1st would be better as more celebrate the new year.

Talking of RS, I was disappointed with their new games, I certainly understand why Aminiel doesn't want to create more dice games. It is just like getting santa to dress up in a different colour outfit instead of the traditional Red outfit every year! Just don't get me started on their version of Scientific war!

4. The-Queen,

I play on both gaming platforms and if I have to be honest this year playroom's new games are ways better than RS games's new games.
It's true, that features don't need a particular time to be added.
It's more fun to add them as surprises when no one expects.
It's cool to log in and see new content.

5. Aminiel,

War... seriously. I leave this kind of press enter games to them. I’m anyway not interested.

6. YNWA,

I think they would have been better playing James' brown's version on a loop, would have been more interesting, lol

7. Kotoamatsukami,

Well they could have made that war much better. That is the original version but as Aminiel said pressing enter games. I just think RS Games makes different type of games, for people who are maybe older and not so good in games, much more detailed description, all games luck based so yeah. I like sometimes to enter and play I doubt it, zombie dice or 99.

8. YNWA,

Did you read the instructions? it says that they intend to make further improvements to the game at a later date. That is another reason why it is a bad idea to have a set time for games. I don't know if it is made as easy as possible for older people or blind people in general you would have to ask RS. As I have said before it is better to have more game platforms because people will get more choice but I do like to see a little more imagination so I was disappointed with their offering this year.

9. Everyone,

It would depend on what the further improvements are.
For example, I'm still hoping the extra characters and such get added to citadels someday, but right now that's not a priority thing. The game is finished, anything else that gets added now would be a bonus.

10. YNWA,

It is not so easy to get hold of all the characters in citadels, looked in a couple of shops and did not find it, yes it is possible to get it on the internet. Belote is not complete but maybe it is perhaps better left as it is now as it works very well for the majority of the players. War left as it is where you just press enter is not very interesting and is not worth having. Scientific war can work when you try to bluff, double bluff players and can be a facinating battle of minds when 2 players are matched. It can be a good spectator game unlike uno because you can't catch every move because of the speed of players. Before people misread the last comment as some listen to what they think what they want to hear, I mean that you don't always catch what every player does when listening to uno being played between other players.

11. Aminiel,

Anyway, it's a bad idea to set a release date in advance, for any software in fact.
Look at Apple and Microsoft, they have fixed date for their new versions, and as a consequence there are always a lot of bugs.

ON the playroom, we prefer to release something when it's ready; not when it's christmas, easter, anniversary or whatever else.
The platform is totally free and we don't have people putting pression to release as fast as possible, so paradoxally we can afford this luxe of releasing things when we think it's ready enough.

12. helleon,

Absolutely. The time and TLC the Playroom gives to a new game has to be commended, even before they make it beta and open to bug reports which, as a result, there are very few of. Most of the games released by RS over the last few years or so are very rarely played. Threes and One-Four-Twenty-Four (copied from Dice World) are good, and I doubt It is alright. Their version of Scientific War is an absolute joke.

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