(Implemented): Suggestion for spectator mode

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1. Nikola,

Hello all. I hope you're having a nice day. My suggestion is related to joining a table when you are a spectator. I propose that when a spectator joins, we get a message announcing so right away. For example, it would say Nikola has joined the table, only spectating. The reason I suggest this is because of unintentional game restarts for new people who join, only to realize they are spectators. You can of course chat letting them know you are just spectating, however sometimes you are not fast enough to do that. Thus, it would be the best if the playroom could notify us of this fact right away.
Hopefully this can be taken into consideration.

2. supanut2000,

I certainly agree.

3. Kotoamatsukami,

Hey wow, this is an awesome suggestion, was feeling bad a couple of times when people restarted cuz of me and I didn't feel like playing

4. YNWA,

You could have for example Nikola(Spectator) I guess but usually you ask if someone wants to play before restarting a game first and the people playing. I do think it can be confusing when you count say six players and you later realise there are 5 such as you may get in Spades. I do agree it is good to know quickly who is and who is not a spectator.

5. Nikola,

Yes, additionally it can be displayed in the list of people on the table too, however I think that the original proposal would give this information much faster.

6. facelessghost,

Good day to all!
How can you get this information much faster if a person does not have the status of a viewer or player?
By default, all who enter the game are players.
If you press F3, then you are only observers.
The participant who went into the game room and pressed f3 is already becoming just a spectator.
and implement nothing required.
Even if he connects to the table, he will not be able to start the game.
Of course, until you press f3 to disable the viewer mode.

7. Nikola,

No. We are talking about games which are already in progress, and you join with the spectator mode already enabled. In this case, it can happen that a table master simply restarts the game thinking you joined to play, not knowing you had your spectator mode on.

8. YNWA,

If a player just restarts a game then more fool them.

  1. It is bad to restart a game without asking a player if they want to play.
  2. It is rude not to ask if the others don't mind if you restart.

I think knowing who is on or not on spectator mode is a good idea but it is not a good idea if you want it to protect careless people!

9. Nikola,

Imagine I play with a bot. You come in, so I decide to restart, but you were a spectator. It surely isn't rude that I didn't ask my fellow bot if he agrees to restart, and in my view you are not stupid if you wanted to play with me and restarted the game.

10. Kotoamatsukami,

It happened to me quite a few times that I made a game of spades, invited three players, two joined and we played some cards, third person joins I restart and he says I wanted only to spectate, don't have the time to play now. and if I play with my good friends I surely won't ask them if I want to restart, that's just our way of thinking.

11. Mayank ,

I think you'll still check if the person is a spectator or someone who wants to play. And that you can check by asking the person if they actually want to. Not a big help to have this feature. They might enter the table with their spectator mode disabled and still might not want to play.

12. Nikola,

Don't know. When I don't want to play I enable my spectator mode. They might not understand English too and not know what spectator only means, however that's still not a reason not to implement it. Every feature can be helpful but not in every situation.

13. facelessghost,

It's easier to implement it the way it is done in the project.
When a person enters the game with the "only observer" function enabled, it is also the "spectator mode" the system says
<nick of the participant is only an observer>
facelessghost is just a watcher.
so all the players including the organizer of the game will know that he only observes and does not take part in the game.

14. Nikola,

In fact, my suggestion was inspired by tiflo.space and that's the way I proposed it.

15. YNWA,

all suggestions are welcome, that is the way you get good ideas, some good others bad but unless someone puts them out you never know and that's why this is the place to debate them and if Aminiel likes then bingo!

16. Kotoamatsukami,

Just I hope that Aminiel doesn't read comments on suggestions, unless he wants to laugh

17. Mayank ,

Though I found your comment most irrelevant out of all, Vojvoda. Everyone is discussing the idea. It's easy to resist saying things like these

18. Kotoamatsukami,

Didn't notice that I called anyone's comment irrelevant

19. Nikola,

As usual suggestion topics turn into some random right. No wonder why nobody suggests anything.

20. Everyone,

No one suggests anything? Am I the only one seeing all those suggestion topics?

21. Kotoamatsukami,

There are a lot of suggestions but of some different type I would say. I am really getting super annoyed because people keep disagreing with something what doesn't make sense at all to disagree with.
How can you disagree with something what doesn't harm anyone and helps some people?
I don't think this would help anyone, we have two people to who this suggestion would be helpful, even because of two people it is good to implement because it doesn't deal damage to anyone!

22. slannon,

This is a great idea.

23. StormProductions,

Why does the topic say "Implemented" if nothing has been implemented regarding this?

24. Aminiel,

It does, the initial request has been implemented.

25. Nikola,

I've added it to the topic title to let everybody know that the suggestion is already accepted thus making the topic useless to revive, but it seems people still do it. You can read the updates and work in progress topic too which has been updated since the latest reboot. As always, huge thanks to Aminiel for listening to suggestions and implementing them so quickly.

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26. mhr91358,

only 1 problem in on toys you can't make the master viewer

27. Nikola,

This is OT, but why the heck would you want to be viewer as a master when as a master you can choose the players who will take part in the game? Just delete yourself from the players list.

28. Mayank ,

Maybe it'll help if the player knows they've joined as a spectator? Because sometimes people forget to turn it off from the previous table. It doesn't tell us "you've joined the table as a spectator."

29. Kotoamatsukami,

I think you will still check if you are spectator or not, and I think you will always ask a person if they want to play, or you just can throw a message saying I want to play.

30. Fawaz,

@mayank , it will be so helpful indeed.

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