Counting cards in Black Jack

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1. Saniel_Morse,


Recently I've discovered that there exists a powerful system named high low, where you are allowed to count the cards for each time you play by asigning numbers to those cards in the deck. You add or subctract values to the current tally for larger and smaller cards, hence its name. The idea is that you can know the probability to bet more or less depending in the moment.

However, I've seen this systen is not applicable since the deck apparently is reset for each time you play, although I'm not quite sure.

Would it be possible to add an option to make the deck suffling more natural so that we can count those cards more easily? I'm not suggesting to add the count itself, that's up to you.

Thanks and kind regards!

2. policeman1,

If you know if it is a plus or minus counts it really helps to win. Maybe adding a new feature to list the previous cards and also having instructions to learn counting cards. However this not legal in a real money cassinos.

3. Saniel_Morse,

Of course you're right, this is not accepted in real casinos, but we are playing using virtual money, it doesn't affect anyone if someone is able to boost their chances I think.

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