renaming bots

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1. austen,

I've noticed bot names are always the same and most related to ducks, wanted to suggest a feature to either rename bots or have a submition for more bot names that are a bit less focused on ducks and well known characters like batman indianna jones and superman. for simplicity could show bot then name when showing wh's at a table for people wanting to avoid joining games with bots or looking to fill the seat of a bot.

2. facelessghost,

This is a very good offer!
Especially for those who are tired of the names of old bots.
Well, or who just want to call the bot in their own language!
It is strange that for such a large platform as the game room there is still no such function!

3. Everyone,

I think we should just call all the bots Humberto, without any way to distinguish between them if there is more than one at a particular table.

4. helleon,

I think the bots should have "bot" in front of their name or something, so that people are aware.

5. YNWA,

Naming your own bots will cause more trouble than what it is worth but I do think other names is not a bad idea. I do like the ducks. Maybe Aminiel could add quackerduck! I think Alesia would like Makduck!

6. Darkwolf,

In addition to a lot of the rediculous names most of the bots have, most particularly the ducks, many of them aren't even spelled correctly. For starters, dark vader should be darth, and I don't know what a mammy duck is but I'm sure I wouldn't want to meet one if I did. It's mommy or mummy if you're British. There's also no th in tinky winky.
I also maintain that when adding a bot you should be given a list and chose from that, I don't wanna play a game with the cast from Disnie's ducky or whatever that baby cartoon was.

7. tiny,

hey, yes and i really hate long names for bots, so i prefer shorter names to play and communicate faster with them such as tarzan sonic, but i don't think we need to ad something on their names to know that's a bot, we press b and we know that is a bot, simply. new players will get that fact soon!

8. supanut2000,

I totally agree with the ability to give bots a custom name. I would like to be able to, for example, name a bot on my table "Somchai"

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